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The amount of clips I had of me failing this one song…I couldn’t add all of them xD

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  1. 6:40 we just not gonna talk about the blood arrows at this part?

  2. The other text on top said "clown kills you" just to let ya know!

  3. I subscribed, tricky is my favorite mod so far in FNF

  4. Ur skin shoukd be a mod jts cute and rlly cool

  5. ur avatar looks like jotaro just missing the six pack

  6. tricky is from newgrounds from the series called madness combat made by krinklez

  7. The tax on top said clown kill you

  8. This tricky clown come from the madness combat

  9. Tricky: cheating only means that you can't beat me without it

  10. im new here and ur voice sounds like its for family

  11. Funfacts:
    -Tricky the clown is a character (antagonist) from the game called "Madness Combat"
    -Tricky's power level (in fnf = Whitty mixed with Ronald)
    -Tricky's power level (in Madness Combat = The angel of death)
    – Hank (protagonist)
    -Hank gets mutated every god damn time when he dies
    -Deimos pretty chill dude
    -Zeus/Savior (The 2nd antagonist)
    -Zeus' power level (in Madness Combat = weaker version of god)
    -BlackFlames/ The one behind it all (Power level: Upgraded Tricky)
    -Giants (yes you heard me….giants…)
    -giants have giant pistols that have the same dmg of an shotgun
    -Hank (you get to play as him later on in the game)
    -Tricky has died multiple times and came back every second
    "CLOWN KILLS YOU!!!!")

  12. Tricky:screams

    Blocky:shut up

    Tricky: WHAT DID U SAY!!!?!

  13. I like the boyfriend skin and how crazy this mod is it remains me of the whitty mod

  14. when my character in arsenal has 1 health left in ina 50 killing spree 6:07

  15. Blocky luis:I like his mask
    Phase 2:Really?Well…

  16. Tricky the clown is from the madness combat series just for anyone wondering

  17. his name is tricky and got killed by hank a LOT

  18. I thought he going to speak Spanish (I type this comment because I’m new to this channel)

  19. The bad clown is in Sicko mode because you He got grounded Then he takes over the world

  20. That Clown Looks Like The Killer That Almost Killed Hank….WAIT HE IS THE KILLER…

  21. Im so lucky i found u when u still have 1.6k ur so underrated u will get famous pls remember me till then

  22. Who here remembers the series that happened 9 years ago about this

  23. Fact That I found out today! That Blocky Luis has a sister

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