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🛑 Madness // slowed – reverb (Tricky Mod) [FNF]

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Friday Night Funkin’ (Tricky Mod)
Rozebud (Music Composer):

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Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Mod


  1. Lol I'ma be honest I didn't even sleep tricky voice was so loud

  2. Others:this is relaxing
    Tricky:bitch i can go on hard mode on bitch ass motha fokka

  3. I like this because you can hear more of the instruments

  4. “Oh yeah” is my fav part (ofc I’m 8 so don’t mind me :D)

  5. ☻tea0ffcial ☻ says:

    This song hits harder then my dad-

  6. Turn the speed to 0,5 and it will be a completely different music

  7. if you put it on 1,25x speed It looks like the original sound ;-;

  8. Play this at 0.5x speed and it sounds GOOD

  9. Ghese songs are like agoti lo-fi songs mode,so epik

  10. imagine your alone in a factory in the midnight and you hear 1:28 without BF noises

  11. 1:28 MA MAN IM DONE


    nothing to see here

    go away


    fine im ending it

  12. I like 1:52 to 2:13 their like the best part of the whole song to me I don’t know about you guys but I like these parts

  13. I turned on subtitles on and it said foreign at the beginning.

  14. Sounds Like if Freddy and Maybe a Night Guard are aruguing

  15. I LOVE HIMMMMM. I had a love pop spark. REEEEEEEEE

  16. I did my math homework to this and it seriously helped

    Don’t ask how

  17. please work. lets see if you will pin me-


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