[60FPS] Four Way Fracture V2 But Everytime It Is the Opponent's turn the Mod and Reskin changes! 🎵 - braincubegames.com

[60FPS] Four Way Fracture V2 But Everytime It Is the Opponent’s turn the Mod and Reskin changes! 🎵

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I had a good vacation ^^ Please enjoy it


Four-Way Fracture – Triple Trouble Remix [DISCORD LINK UPDATED]

Mod Used

Four-Way Fracture V2

Sonic.exe 2.5 / 3.0

Sonic.exe 2.0

Eddsworld’s Trouble

Triple Phonebreakers (Bambi)

Doki Doki Triple Trouble Monika.EXE Reanimated

Triple Trouble but Cuphead

Triple Trouble Bob Cover

Family Trouble

Triple Bf.EXE VS Bf.EXE

FNF Triple Trouble Mario Edition
– …

VS The Great Papyrus FULL WEEK

vs SONIC.EXE Hell Reborn V1


Blantados …
GenoX -…
Pap7ru5 …

Chromatic Scales:
Extended Central: …
bbpanzu: …

Vicky Chromatic
– …



  1. Good video but Sally doesn't sound like that

  2. I loved how tord didn’t care that he was dead xd

  3. Ngl I thought part of the four way dundy would be in here (tf2 creepypasta btw)

  4. 0:57 ah yes looking at your gfs corpse and thinking hmm rapping would be nice

  5. will you do anjer nightmare video again (if you do do markov that cover is very good)

  6. Can you make wish come true but everyone sings it

  7. Tails: singing screen tails: TURNS INTO FUCKING MUGMAN

  8. Opponent order:

    Soul Tails vs. BF
    Soul Mugman vs. BF
    Soul Sayori vs. BF
    Soul Matt vs. BF
    Soul GF vs. BF
    Soul Pink Impostor vs. BF
    Soul Sans vs. BF
    Soul Luigi vs. BF

    Xenophanes vs. BF
    Xenophanes Cuphead vs. BF
    Xenophanes Edd vs. BF
    Xenophanes Monika vs. BF

    Soul Knuckles vs. BF
    Soul Natsuki vs. BF
    Soul Pico vs. BF
    Soul Ms. Chalice vs. BF
    Soul Tom vs. BF
    Soul Maroon Impostor vs. BF
    Soul Yoshi vs. BF
    Soul Papyrus vs. BF

    Ultra Xenophanes vs. BF
    Xenophanes W.D. Gaster vs. BF

    Soul Robotnik vs. BF
    Soul Yuri vs. BF
    Soul Tord vs. BF
    Soul Devil vs. BF
    Soul Daddy Dearest vs. BF
    Soul Amy Rose vs. BF
    Soul Bowser vs. BF
    Soul Gray Impostor vs. BF
    Soul Robotnik (Again) vs. BF

    Xenophanes (Again) vs. BF
    Xenophanes Black Impostor vs. BF
    Xenophanes BF vs. BF
    Xenophanes Mario vs. BF

    Majin Sonic vs. BF
    Encore Majin Sonic vs. BF
    Sunky vs. BF
    Encore Lord X vs. BF
    Majin Sonic (Again) vs. BF
    Encore Majin Sonic (Again) vs. BF

    Sally_ALT vs. BF
    Fleetway Super Sonic vs. BF & Majin Sonic
    Sonic vs. BF & Majin Sonic

  9. Pretty rare to see someone use Phantasm Sonic in covers

  10. What a frie song i ever heard it in fnf mods and in cover great job boy 🙂

  11. tails only said rewind time??? 😂😂😂😂

  12. bf was the wrong way in knukles XD

  13. average fnf in irl YouTuber be like: kills their self to make triple trouble irl

  14. Guys, during the knuckles type part, bf is in his soft appearance bc he’s in the left. Og bf is on the left in the mod, in week ???. Am I the only one to notice that?
    | if you noticed too.

  15. I agree with the people who noticed at the beginning instead of "3, 2, 1 GO!!" It went "2, 3, 1, GO!!"

  16. Finally someone used the soft bf model in Knuckle’s part!

  17. Shut up, this is a better version of Triple Trouble

  18. when Majin helps the bf, everyone says that the only way to get a gun out of your pocket is to shoot xenophane

  19. Can u pls tell us whats the Name of this song huh?

  20. Aight how about next time you are about to post a video of a cover how about you listen to it before hand. Some parts are completely out of tune.

  21. And i thought majins hand is still resting on bfs shoulder when they change

  22. A little fun theory bc Im bored-

    So in majin part, We all mostly know Majin is helping BF, So why is lord X there??? I know the actual reason is cause it's a cover- But if you think about it- The whole Majin X Lord X thing could play a role here

    So lord X sees Majin helping BF. So he decides to step in and also help since he sees Majin as he dear beloved (NOT CANON)

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