Accelerant but tricky and hank sing it -

Accelerant but tricky and hank sing it

Not LukaTello
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Hank soundfont by HammerHead133:
Background gameplay by CommunityGame:
Accelerant MIDI by SPLITEinhalf

Mods used:
Vs Accelerant Hank:
The Full-Ass Tricky Mod:

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Discord: LukaTello# 9272

#fnf #fridaynightfunkin


  1. Boyfriend: Gets shot in the head.

    Boyfriend: Aaaahhhh…

  2. Tricky when he falls: HAAAAAAY!
    Boyfriend when he falls: aaaaaaaa-

  3. 1:01 This is the first time I've actually laughed at one of these kind on vids 🤣

  4. If you made a floating bf after hank shot him that would be cooler

  5. Hank and tricky, a classic rivalry, immortalized in song for the world to hear

    My favorite part is 1:28 through the ending

  6. it’s time for the biggest comeback since avengers endgames….

  7. then the science teacher meets the religion teacher:

  8. I would’ve preferred if boyfriend made the bone crack sound when he died but oh well it’s still pretty good

  9. Imagine seeing hell boyfriend that would of been sick

  10. sleepy is baka baddie twerk encanto slurp says:

    Embrace the MEOW MEOW

  11. I was wondering what would be done with Tricky's part since he replaces Boyfriend, and I just love Boyfriend casually joins in, only to get shot off with a resounding "aaaa"

  12. Hank: I will KILL YOU
    BF coming out of no where: BEEP BOP BOOP BEE
    Hank: Shoots BF
    BF: ahhhhhhhh
    GF: oh well, anyone want a hotdog?

  13. If I had the drawing skills and Time. This would be a nice Reskin and cover for a Megatron vs Starscream mod with Bumblebee being Bf I guess also, Tricky's vocals just fit Starscream

  14. Now do it the other way around, where tricky is on the left and hank is on the right.

  15. Keith:get out of my funkin' game
    Tricky:HANK DO IT
    Hank:he ded

  16. I like how they both switch icons when bfs there

  17. Everyone gangsta 'til tricky main character

  18. Who would replace bf fo the other difficulty where tricky respawns?

  19. i wish BF and GF met cannon hank, they would be obliterated in 0.000000002 seconds.

  20. BF getting shot should’ve played the game over sound minus the mic drop

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