BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2 Full Week - Friday Night Funkin Mod -

BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2 Full Week – Friday Night Funkin Mod

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BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2 Full Week – Friday Night Funkin Mod

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– BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2:

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BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2 Full Week
BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2 Hard Mode
BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2 FNF mod
BeatStreets Tricky Mod V.2 Bonus Song


  1. Beatstees tricky phase 3 💜💙💛🥰😍

  2. Wasn’t expecting Expurgation on here. But it looks sick.

  3. Tricky beastreets v1:aah my fingers

    tricky beastreets v2:aah my ears

  4. Man, I remember when the original beat streets was just spam. So glad that’s changed!

    Seriously, this is basically Neo Tricky.

  5. BeatStreets Tricky is much more challenging than the original, right?

  6. They should rename the hard difficulty to Ungodly and Unfair to F*CK YOU

  7. His head on second phase when the down note come 🤣😂

  8. WOAH ok I see alot of differences here 0-0

  9. If I made a mod, I think this is what it’d look like chart wise. Impressive remaster, ngl.

  10. Holy shit, no more spam songs? This is an amazing upgrade!

  11. I like how the music is more circus like, becuase he is a clown

  12. I'm happy with the remixes, now it doesn't sound like somebody had a stroke while playing around on the Tricky Test app

  13. SCP-682 {The Hard to Destroy Reptile} says:

    Originally beatstreets was just trying to hard to be hard with spam songs that legit didn’t sound good at all and actually sounded bad, now it’s hard and all the songs are bops, some serious improvement there

  14. I personally feel like the fan made BeatStreets Hellclown was better. But thats just my opinion.

  15. At this point it’s not even beatstreets anymore

  16. v1 for 1st and 2nd song made it sound like tricky was have a stroke while trying to rap

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