Chicken Dance (Tsuraran Remix) - Madness: Friday Night Funkin' (Tricky Mod) -

Chicken Dance (Tsuraran Remix) – Madness: Friday Night Funkin’ (Tricky Mod)

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Remix I made for Tricky Mod 2.0! It’s the first song you hear when you boot up the mod!
Hope you all enjoy!

Thank you so much for asking me to remix Chicken Dance, Banbuds! I really loved madness combat as a kid and I am super glad I got to take part in the Tricky Mod, even if the contribution was small!

The Legend, Blingbuds:
The Tiky Mod:
The Footage Used:

It was an honor remixing this song, haha!


  1. Me when im gaming and it starts raining without mom and dad AND THE HOMIES ARE ONLINE

  2. The second part of the song was my favorite tricky ahh ooh ees noises

  3. Interwar for everyone: BORING
    Interwar for Spain:

  4. It's so nostalgic seeing the old and new episodes of madness in the background sure does bring a tear to my eye :')

  5. Not bad of a remix, will their be a different remix soon?

  6. Can't believe Madness Day happened yesterday, so let's dance!

  7. 1. Hank: enters the room
    2. Hank: shoots Tricky, discract and kill the members of the club
    3. Jebus: enters

  8. madness is almost 20 years old ….. feel old yet?

  9. My sister didn't know what the chicken dance was until after I showed her the original song. And she's older than me.

  10. congratulations, your song made it to vs tricky

  11. Tricky x Sunday is perfect.

    I'm doing this because yes.

  12. The lower beats become red and the higher beats become green, I just noticed!

  13. Small contribution or not I still bop to this for the full duration of the song every time I boot up the mod, it's too good to skip

  14. I like how the opening that shows the people who worked on the mod
    it also shows a Teaser for Zardy thats kinda cool

  15. Fun fact: there's a similar song im my country, which is called “Il Ballo del Qua Qua" (The Quack Quack Dance)

  16. How do you even do that dance in real life? It makes sense that the Nevadians can do it since they have no arms, but how do you do it in real life?

  17. That feeling when you first time see tricky and hank but not knowing who they are: 😳💀🇸🇰

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