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CJ And Ruby Have Been Captured by The Auditor! (Expurgation but it’s a CJ and Ruby Cover)

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CJ And Ruby Have Been Captured by The Auditor! (Expurgation but it’s a CJ and Ruby Cover)

This will be playable as a part of the BETADCIU Mini Update which releases later today. It’ll also come with a few bug fixes and a few other bonus songs.

Now since Gamebanana was down for the entire day yesterday, I had to make another video as compensation for not being able to upload. But then the idiot that I am, for some reason, chose to do EXPURGATION. Yeah. I was supposed to make a small compensation video and I chose EXPURGATION! Well at least the concept turned out pretty well! I had to rerecord this a bunch of times cuz I always came up with new ideas after I finished recording. Also it’s the Auditor so Tricky mechanics still kinda make sense. Storm BETADCIU releases later!

Mods Used:
The Full-Ass Tricky Mod:
Starlight Mayhem:

All Made By Me! My Custom Voicebanks are now public!
Link to all my custom voicebanks:

Go follow me on my (Reduced this to ones I currently use):
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  1. Welcome to another episode of my life, in this episode im simping for CJ tied in a rope.

  2. Cj:it's showtime
    Me:nani…aaaaaaaaa soo flamboyant and my hell god danmmit

  3. Is ummm cool but why is cj is singing an a npc

  4. My irl name is CJ LOL I’m not kidding

  5. I love the music of tricky with cj and ruby

  6. I remember yesterday 6 months ago when this yessir video came out the second i needed more cj and ruby

  7. CJ:Incomplete Suffer Incorrect


  8. You should remake this sometime with CJ's new vocals! 😀

  9. Cj: it's showtime
    Normal cj: hey that's my line

  10. I think the auditor is actually called the improbability drive

  11. puedes mandar link del mod quiro jugarlo

  12. I love this Blantis! Is so good!! I love the cover! You do the best covers in the world!

  13. Ruby is such an Underrated charecter FR

  14. When you rap with the shy person in you're classroom

  15. "It's show time" Eclipse explaining why this stand needs buffs or nerfs:

  16. These ones nostalgic videos of the old CJ voice,where he sounded strange funny but you still coud hear words coming out of his mouth >:(

  17. Cj: it's showtime

    Procced to explain all lore on fnaf


  19. No actual joke who is that tied on the rope

  20. Не ожидала такого от диджея!!!!😰

  21. look at CJ while he's sitting so cute🥴🥴

  22. Skylar Sky the Cute Girl AUTTP ATHDTC #BanMalika says:

    CJ: "It's showtime!"
    E X P L A I N S W H Y V 3 B L A N T A D O S H A S T O B E P A I R E D W I T H V 2 V O I D

  23. He actually call YouTuber cuz that's why I'm a huge fan

  24. Fun Fact that I learned from making this: CJ is voiced by Sonic

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