Clone Hero Chart | FNF The Tricky Mod - Improbable Outset -

Clone Hero Chart | FNF The Tricky Mod – Improbable Outset

Autistic Lulu
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*Chart Info*
Title: Improbable Outset
Artist: Rozebud
Album: The Tricky Mod
Genre: Friday Night Funkin’
Year: 2021
Charter: Autistic Lulu
Difficulties: Medium / Hard / Expert

*Check out The Tricky Mod for Friday Night Funkin*
Friday Night Funkin’ game:
The Tricky Mod:

If the developers of FNF or The Tricky Mod want me to remove my video and chart, I will comply and do so.
All credits go to them for making such a good game and mod!

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  1. Christ… i mean, its cool that you made a ch chart for this songBut… the inaccuracies…

  2. You re charted the song just so it can go on the rhythm guitar respect

  3. Что за приложение?

  4. Или программа

  5. okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokok

  6. The best part is when he goes:

    E E



  7. This can called perfect clone hero

  8. Hello again! I have a stupid question. How to hit these purple bars? i always miss

  9. Tricky say:cookie a a a a a eat cookie 🍪! (WTF)

  10. This track madness don't improbable outset

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