Clone Hero Chart | FNF The Tricky Mod - Madness -

Clone Hero Chart | FNF The Tricky Mod – Madness

Autistic Lulu
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*Chart Info*
Title: Madness
Artist: Rozebud
Album: The Tricky Mod
Genre: Friday Night Funkin’
Year: 2021
Charter: Autistic Lulu
Difficulties: Medium / Hard / Expert

*Check out The Tricky Mod for Friday Night Funkin*
Friday Night Funkin’ game:

The Tricky Mod:

I got the background video footage by making all the FNF gameplay assets transparent and then using a bot made by KadeDev.
You can find it here:

If the developers of FNF or The Tricky Mod want me to remove my video and chart, I will comply and do so.
All credits go to them for making such a good game and mod!

* What is “Clone Hero”?
Clone Hero is a free rhythm game, which can be played with any 5 or 6 button guitar controller, game controllers, or just your standard computer keyboard. Download the game, copy your song charts into the song folder and enjoy hours of fun!

Clone Hero website: ​
Clone Hero wiki:

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  1. Ok but like imagine this on the PS3 rock band drums

  2. Can’t wait to see their fingers after beating this

  3. Not a hate but the 1 player version is basically roasting and battling yourself.

  4. Commander Shirakami Fubuki (Average Azur lane fan) says:


  5. can someone explain how to use it
    bc i do all the things but i can't scan the songs

  6. I was gonna chart this but this is one hell of a chart. Nice job, looks like a lot of fun

  7. Iyyyyeeeeeaaaaaaa…….. Brrrrooooooowwwwww……. 🗿

  8. when shaggy gives an 0.00015% of his power to Tricky to have 5 arrows


    FNF: Im the best game! B)
    Guitar Hero: HOLD MY GUITAR

  10. Wow
    El video fue tan bueno que hasta le hicieron un juego

  11. is the chart also for solo? like both sides played by one player, or 2 player only


  13. Notes aren't appearing any help? Please i wanna play.

  14. Madness combat
    Friday night funkin
    Madness funkin

  15. i never knew what're that purple things on the chart :/

  16. Fnf solo se trata de meter notas y notas para hacerlo difícil sin siquiera tener en cuenta la canción lol

  17. eso no es nada comparado con DARK SHEEP

  18. Alt title: tiky but he has 10 notes at the same time

  19. I was wondering. How did you change the note hit animation?

  20. Someone needs to port this to Rockband 3 (Xbox360), it'd be fun to play.

  21. Can you help me man, my clone hero can't scan this song. I'm so sad right now, mine is clone hero Android

  22. hello, mine is not showing the background animation

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