Consternation - Friday Night Funkin': Tricky Mod (FAN SONG) -

Consternation – Friday Night Funkin’: Tricky Mod (FAN SONG)

Mike Geno
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I did it because I can and I want to
If this video gets enough views, I might post the instrumental and the vocals lol
Tricky Mod:

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  1. This song had potential to be good, it really did, but the good ol’ Mike Geno special of weird ass bf sound font and overusing that on wind sounding transition sound ruined it for me. Not to mention the reused drum track on almost every single one of his songs.

  2. what a good reason to make something

  3. Hell clown but they kept his original design

  4. this song is awesome this should be in the actual game

  5. plz make a song that fits a "tricky phase 7" from madness realm 5 so i can make a fake tricky phase 7 leak

  6. Tricky's got a hank-ering for some slaughter.

  7. This song shouldn't be here it should be in the mod !

  8. This needs to be phase 6 tricky song😱😱

  9. banger and genius using episode 6 of madness combat's name along with the fact phase 3 tricky was from episode 6 of madness combat

  10. In my opinion each song in the tricky mod should’ve been named after an episode in madness combat, here were my ideas :

    Improbable outset – Apotheosis
    Madness – depredation
    Hellclown – consternation
    Expurgation is already good 👍.

  11. Boyfriends voice sounds like it has been taken out of zavodila

  12. Boyfriend has the same vocals from mid fight masses

  13. wow, (the sarvente's songs compositor is now doing remixes to other mods)

  14. Listen concentratedly to tricky and ignore bf it sounds lit!

  15. китайский шезофреника says:

    hi keep on like this song top

  16. It would be cool if someone will create song called "Two Problems" but Tricky and Hank vs boyfriend.

  17. tricky is officially in the mid night mass fights universe now.

  18. Among us lol i know how are your day is and i know your checking your notifications to see and its ok if you can not see me in 1 of the notifications and goodbye and goodnight

  19. vs tricky mod + mid fight masses musicans=

  20. Did someone put a link to this bc I just clicked on it?

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