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Expiration x More [@TheMusiCat Birthday Special] / 17 Songs [FNF Mashup]

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For TheMusiCat, as today is his birthday. I decided to make an X More for a birthday special to make him, and picked Expiration (one of Musi’s fanmade songs, and my favorite)

== Mix Information ==
BPM – 230
Key/Pitch – F# Minor
Made in: Audacity

== Mods and Song Credits ==
Expiration by TheMusiCat
Vs. Sky Remanifested:

Epiphany by Matt$
DDTO+ Mod:

Anthropophobia by Lemonemy
FNF Dusttale Remastered:

Hellroll by bbpanzu
Hellchart Carol Mod:

Radiohazard by Urix
Vs Radi: Chapter 1:

Confronting Yourself by Saster & JotaMR_
Ring of Despair Mod:

Expurgation by JADS
Vs. Tricky Mod:

Infinigeria by Anonymous
/v/:tan Mod: [No Link for it]

Detected by YingYang48
Vs. Hex Mod:

Armed by Punkett & EthanTheDoodler
Ejected by Rareblin
Finale by Vruzzen & Punkett
Vs. Imposter V4 Mod:

Slaughter by Seberster
Fliqpy: Flipped Out:

Challeng-Edd by philiplol
FNF Online Vs. Mod:

Last Reel by Joan Atlas
Indie Cross V1 Mod:

A.G.O.T.I. by The Innuendo
FNF Entity/Vs Agoti:

Singularity by StarbreakMusic
Vs. Void Mod:

Oxide by hazy_is_dead
The Return Funkin’:

Ghost by Camellia & LiterallyNoOne
Vs. Camillia Mod:

Left Unchecked by Adam McHummus
Funkin Lullaby Mod:

== Online Contacts ==
Discord – OrangeGamer (#) 6897


  1. Happy Birthday Musi! I hope you like it (if you see it)Leave mashups suggestions under this comment in the replys. Any mashup ideas found outside of this comment will be ignored

  2. Expiration x More : Epiphany , Anthropophobia , Hellroll , Radiohazard , Confronting Yourself , Expurgation , Infini , Detected , Armed , Slaughter , Challeng-Edd (End Mix) Last Reel , A.G.O.T.I , Ejected , Finale , Singularity , Oxide , Left Unchecked

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