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Explaining the Tricky Mod – Friday Night Funkin’

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Tricky Mod Explained – Friday Night Funkin’


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Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky OST 1 (Without Vocals):
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Madness Combat Series:

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  1. Hey bro… can u update the video? The phase 3 and 4 is out.

  2. the scream at the end where it says tbc is from sword art online (in the episode where they show how she got the gun in gun gale online)

  3. Ah , Yes . "Complicated" The Clown

  4. never heard of it until the mod and even i knew it didnt originate here

  5. I want to see an updated version for phase 3 and 4 and the new cutsceens

  6. I have a question what happened to tricky on phase 4 of the mod new update?

  7. Its funny phase 3 and 4 came out as I'm watching this

  8. Tricky Shakespeare because his ability: the improbability drive, is too much for him to handle


  10. By the way, Tricky is not the main antagonist, it's the Auditor.

    Tricky was an antagonist, but only for the Tricky Saga, meaning he was fighting Hank and beating him up in MC:5 all the way to his death in MC:11, when the Auditor finally breaks free.

    Hope you read this for clarification!

  11. Can you do an updated version of this since the mod received an update

  12. Tricky twitches because he is a corrupted program. His Improbability Drive is compromised when it gets shot and he’s able to break reality from then on. He was in a leash, and once that leash is damaged, he goes insane and essentially becomes a God in the MC universe for a bit. Even killing and then reviving Hank just to keep toying with him.

  13. 3:10 play it in 2x speed then you will hear calliope from madness combat 3

  14. Well Tricky actually shakes so much beacuse the improbability drive in his brain implanted by auditor/sheriff which makes him trigger so much that he can overwrite reality and change his body shape.

  15. The clown in expurgation. Actually isn't tricky its clowns created by tricky let me explain…

    So the orderer consumed every dead thing around him and tricky was one of them and since tricky has the blood of a clown his blood can create a clown and when the orderer blew up trickys blood turned black and his blood lead to a dark abbess and tricky happended to be in there while tricky was still mad at hank he created clowns to go after hank. And after who i call jesus died the cloned clowns used his halo to take down hank and his crew

    And that's why the clown in expurgation isn't tricky

  16. I'm a fallen angel you see the halo on my head in phase 4 and the halo is red

  17. Tricky could be an ailien as Area 51 is in Nevada

  18. Anybody know if you play the song when you beat tricky add to a speed it sounds like his original cloud form

  19. Tricky is actually the main "secondary" antagonist

  20. All phase of tricky:
    Origin tricky
    Zombie tricky 1.5
    Zombie tricky metal mask
    Enraged tricky lost mask tricky
    White fire tricky remasted is red tricky
    Skeletion tricky they are clones
    Black tricky like skeletion but witg halo
    Skeletal tricky final tricky

  21. Madness has like 4 main antagonists, Jesus, the Auditor, Tricky, and the Good ol' Sherrif. Tricky's only here because he's a DJ

  22. him: mentioned that he came from madness combat
    me:I heard enough now I'm satisfied

  23. He doesn’t where the mask because he doesn’t want ppl to know he where’s it for protection so he doesn’t dur

  24. its just fricking clown revived tornished
    look no further than this comment

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  26. the scream tricky does at the end of the 3rd cutscene is from madness regent

  27. Is Whitty and tricky friends or even know Each other

  28. Great community? they literally killed Whitty, the only good community is the modders, because the players… are usually a bunch of idiots

  29. Do you plan on making origin videos on the other characters and mods? I hope so.

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