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Expurgation, but Sky sings it (Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Mod)

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So, I decided to make a full cover of this song by Sky, because it apparently fits for some reason lol. Kinda wanted to add the extra elements of the level but I’m lazy sorry :/ Also, bot misses cuz sometimes I lag due to my bad pc, oopsies.

Probably making a hellclown video in the next video, just figuring the timing of the time signatures in the songs lol, it’s kinda tricky (haha get it)

Alright.. all the mods used..
Vs. Sky Mod: trashed :/ just used my old folder of it
Full Tricky Mod (Chart and Music):
FNF Bot:

Download (Sky Mod required):

Working on some FNF vocals soon so, yeah stay tuned for more videos like these, I hope.
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  1. Ok this cover is so good, I kinda like it better than the original.

  2. I don't know how, but Sky had a little smooth around here.

  3. This just sounds like Sky going completely HAM

  4. this isn't even her voicebank it's sunday's i'm weeping

  5. A alguien más le da ansiedad o toc que le de tan antes a las flechas?

  6. Is it just me or she sorta sounds like the Crying Emoji

  7. No words can describe how good this is. Sky's voice is perfectly tuned, sounding like her actual self. Some of the notes were changed from the original expurgation, but it sounded somewhat better, or in a different style. It gave me the same feels of fearlessness from ballistic remastered 0:19

  8. heyy wait this was posted on my birthday :0

  9. I feel like expurgation is the new fnf trent now

  10. 0:53 More Expurgation covers need to do that harmonization, that was sick.

  11. You should've gave her the halo or something.

  12. I legit thought it was Jom was actually playing it becuase of the misses and was actually a bot

  13. Sky:hahah do you want girlfriend boyfriend? Boyfriend:yes sky:ok rap battle me

  14. ☆ 𝟷𝚗𝟺𝚗𝟷𝚖𝟺𝟽𝟹 𝙽𝟷𝟿𝚑𝟽 ☆ says:

    I wish Sky was put back to the wiki

  15. That's a bot playing the notes instantly stop when note is press

  16. 2:15 there it is. I like this part in the other video you did where everybody sang this. Sky voice is pretty great.

  17. She is literally 12. Like wtf, how did she crucify someone because she wants a 19!?

  18. It’s funny how this was done again in one of the newer Sky mods.

  19. Alternate title: Sky forces bf to stay with her for all eternity

  20. Wow this is unexpectedly nostalgic

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