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Expurgation (Neutroa Remix)(FNF Tricky Mod)

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You asked for it! 😛

A discord member made a nice recolor mod with my remixes in it all recharted! Check It Out HERE!

Original Mod:

Hope you enjoy!

Original By: JADS


You may use any of my songs but you must give credit. That is all I ask. Don’t try and claim something that’s not yours’s and or try and make a profit from it!

If you want to make a chart or mod:


  1. When the remix slaps even more than the original:

  2. This is a arena theme super awesome

  3. Now this is the most interesting song I love it so much I could listen to it all day I’m excited for new songs I hope one day you make mods about this it’s epic,hopefully not overcharted and also the WILD effort this has in this song has the best taste I appreciate this 🙂

  4. have more subs. now. i demand it. you have no choice. do it.

  5. the sky is falling, the ground is tremendous,war going on, blood spilled, soldiers in battle, perfect music for this scenario

  6. Instant subscribe. This is better than most of Retros works.

  7. and i know this guy from making a sonic rush remix

  8. Fun fact: this is the first video i click when i wake up

  9. fnf fans realize tricky is originally from Madness Combat

    Meanwhile madness Combat fans arguing with Fnf fans: 0:22

  10. damnnnnnnnnn this thing COOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  11. Ta bien pa ponerse loco 🤟

  12. This hits that than a rat getting crushed by a brick

  13. I made a mod with basically all of your tricky mod song, 4 days ago. I did a video of me playing it

  14. 1:46 man really REMOVED parts of the background and still made it sound a lot better

  15. Your great content needs to be showed for bigger audience! This of course takes time. If u want some cheat, turned to u t i f y its Official method!

  16. Man This song be so fire I wish it was on a actual mod then it would be hella fun🤗

  17. Alright now just remix the fanmade reality bender song😖😖😆😆😂😂🤣🤣

  18. is a really good take on the song. Better than mine l

  19. No te molesta si uso este remix para un remod, verdad?

  20. This was used in Tricky army vs The C. Army.

  21. Blueburst is right you should get more subs people who that played this song and don't like it are just totally music haters people who like your songs probably love music but I love your music the most

  22. This has quite a few less likes than BlueBurst's remix of this, but around the same amount of views… What exactly does that mean?

    Well, for music, it usually either means that the video with less likes is bad and that less people who listen to it like it, or that less people know about, but the people who do know about it listen to it a lot more because it's just so good.

    This is definitely a case of the latter.

  23. durex mắm tôm =D super idol (just kidding =]) says:

    fnf remix
    Change music
    This fnf remix
    Change music + change notes, arrows

  24. Im wondering If everyone can make a mod with hardly known people then how come me and my bois aint a thing In It?

  25. good the end was a bit poor tho instead of the really fast-pace exitement og exporgation was it's just a two turns done but everything else was good i wouldent say underated but def not overated

  26. Yo, we hit 10K likes!
    Congratulations on this achievement, Neutroa, you totally deserve it.

  27. this is the best i have ever heard, keep it up man this is insane

  28. You need to do a collab with someone. Like, seriously.

  29. Half a million views…
    We're 1/20 of the way to what this deserves, at the very least.

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