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Expurgation RetroSpecter Remix – Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Mod

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A playable version of RetroSpecter’s Expurgation Remix. Are you up for the challenge?
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(Original Remix )
(Original Mod )


  1. Too easy. Needs to be harder.

    (But for real, great job. Not how I envisioned it, but I'm not disappointed)

  2. I didn't know that one of the words was might XD

  3. This is really good and I love it and I'm going to try to make a game of this

  4. I recharted the whole Philly song and it took me about 1 hour and is Hella hard to and this is so long and you really charted it

  5. When I know how to download mods I well try this mod and try and beat it bc of I can beat normal expurgation then I have chance of beating this

  6. 记得记得填写我好过去我已经意难平

  7. I'm kidding right? I have the remix and it is very different and more difficult than that it is faster it starts different

  8. Imagine if bf start moving her head at a camellia song like the hello 2021

  9. Bf 1000000% losed
    Edit:also youre realy good

  10. This looks insanely hard to get good at and even harder to beat

  11. Hehehehehe vou mandar para o core hehrheh

  12. Difficulties in the original;


  13. after two days, i beat it, gg you did an impossible mod

  14. Welp, I guess I found what will I do today untill I beat it


  16. i didnt even think i was that good at fnf but people are saying this is like super fucking hard but i beat it in like 30 mins im so confused.

  17. Ok so I downloaded the mod and I did the whole tutorial but when I play expurgation, yes the remix plays but not the gameplay itself, am I the only one having this issue?

  18. This took a while to beat, I hate u a bit for doing this to me lol, but managed to first try the last quarter of the song, good charting imo, much better than the other one! Good job

  19. When tricky goes :WHERE IS HANK!!!! WHY CANT I KILL HANK!!!! I WANNA KILL!!!!!!

  20. imagine this with a faster scroll speed

  21. When there are drums in the remix

    You know that it's gonna be good

  22. In my opinion, the expungement retrospecter remix should have been more difficult because even a rap bomb is harder to defeat than a psychopathic killer demon clown who controls reality.

  23. i dont know if im bad at this game. or if this charting sucks. the normal notes are ok tho. the mine notes are fucking stupid

  24. At the start of the vid I saw the comments and i thought wow ur bad for thinking this is hard but I watched further in and damn that looks like a challenge even tho it’s slowed down

  25. dude its just a easier version of the original retrospecter remix, this pails in comparison

  26. At the end the beat is pog tho I bet I will kill my finger trying to beat this

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