Fandom react to FNF sonic.exe v3 fanmade part 1✨✨ -

Fandom react to FNF sonic.exe v3 fanmade part 1✨✨

Sunluna Gacha
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  1. I’m calling it everyone’s gone everyone’s gonna die everyone is going to heaven or hell!

  2. You forgot about my favorites songs fatality and final escape :_:

  3. can they react to manual blast pls? and pls do be quick

  4. Awesome video i wonder is there going be part 2?

  5. Pls react to you can't run encore v6 part 2 and final escape

  6. Fun fact: the only sorta fanmade song in this video is souless

  7. I don’t know why mommy was surprised when she saw eggman eaten sonic I mean don’t she eat people too
    Nice video btw

  8. Game over screen for fight or flight is something else

  9. God video bro plus react to auditor vs lord x

  10. me at the beginning of this video: oh thi is going to be good i can't wait to see X-Terion's song thats my favorite

    me at the end: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  11. this is a really brilliant video, my feedback is that the reactions are on point and the characters aren’t always shocked/traumatised if you know what I mean. But seriously, I’m going to put this on my best video playlist. Really well done 😊👏

  12. here are the songs that are unused/scrapped/cancelled:

    1st Manual Blast (Hog and Scorched)
    2nd My Horizon (Chaotix)
    3rd Malediction (Curse)
    4th Forrestal Desire (Requital Tails)
    5th Substantial (X-Terion)
    6th Slaybels (Sonic Exe,Lord X and EXE)
    7th Burning (Genesys and Eggman)
    8th Too far/f̷̨̙̲̮͙̉̆͘į̴̞̂ͅn̵͓̪͓̝͖͖͒̓̓̅ȃ̴̲̣̯̥͚̹̀̋͋l̷̘͝͝ ̶̡̧̗̳̠͑͛̒͐ȩ̵̼͒̈́̀̋ṣ̷̝̖͓͓̬̔̀͆c̵͛͜a̵̪͔̭͇̒͛̓p̸̯͇̣̅̈́̎͋̕͝é̷̗͈̣̻̦͕̉͠͝͝ (Sonic exe/Xenophanes)
    9th Fate (Lord X)
    10th Hellbent (Lord X)
    11th Godspeed (EXE)
    12th Heroes & Villians (Fleetway Super Sonic vs Sonic)
    13th Missletoe (Sonic Exe vs Tails doll)
    14th Digitalized (X-Terion)
    15th Gotta go (Batman Sonic)
    16th Endeavors (Majin Sonic)
    17th B4CKSL4SH (SL4SH)
    18th Perdition (Satanos)
    19th Echolated (Lord X)
    20th Her World/bloody stream (Luther)
    21th Relax (NeedleM0use)
    22th Unnamed song (???)
    23th Knuckles Exe song
    24th Iron Forest (Amy EXE)
    25th Goddess (Sally ALT)
    26th Sanic Unnamed song
    27th Silly.TIFF song
    28th Hollow (Devoid)
    29th Hedge (Hog)
    30th Shocker (Sonic Pikachu/Sonichu) (Idk this is offical)
    31th Mania (Secret History Tails)

    and here is the unfinished encore/remake/mix/versions songs:

    1st You Cant Run Encore
    2nd Triple Trouble Encore
    3rd Cycles Encore (bassicly a remake)
    4th Endless Encore
    5th Sunshine Encore
    6th Milk Old Remake
    7th Endless US Mix
    8th Endless JP Mix
    9th My Horizon Wechidna mix
    10th My Horizon Faker Mix
    11th My Horizon Armydillo Mix
    12th My Horizon (Obsolete)
    13th Personel (Serious version)

    this took forever too list

  13. Is ferry fun 👍 nice part 2 part 2 part 2

  14. excellent video

    react My Monster || FNF X PIBBY Animation


  15. I just realized that during fight or flight tails is actually holding what seems to be a small knife maybe a dagger in one hand but it’s difficult to see because it’s gray just like most of the background

  16. Why does exe always try and get out! Someone get me some rings to fortify the seal please.

  17. Hey nice video could you have them react to fragments by the stupendium ?

  18. When u finish the Sonic . Exe mod Can u make them react to phantom attack and majin + lord x sing together plsss

  19. This is really bad fanmade👎👎👎👎

  20. Is this the place where I can make people suffer?

  21. Lord x would do anything for internment just look at a his pose's he is having the time of his life

  22. can you make them react to curse? the one of sonic and he is also canceled-

  23. Starvend eggman
    Eggman eat flight

  24. hey I don't want to be rude but why are they scared of Sonic.EXE? but cool video

  25. Half of this belongs to the unreleazed build of what the sonic.exe fnf mod was gonna look like

  26. To be honest. Lord x solos everyone who's reacting (except boyfriend)

  27. First of all it's not fanmade it's official

  28. We are all starved eggmans, because we all eat animals.

  29. Cmon who else want to add attack mechanics to prey

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