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FNF: D-Sides Update 3.0 – It’s a me!

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D-Sides, a mod I’ve been working on for a while, finally got the long awaited 3.0 update… with week 6, 7, and tons of other fun surprises!
We worked really hard on this, so enjoy :]

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  1. The D-side team never ceases to amaze me, this has to have the most passion of any mod

  2. Another proof for those little kids that D-side isn't a character swap mod

  3. This design is absolutely amazing. Really intimidating and actually feels like a horror character.

    My god with the way this guy looks, he makes Mighty and God Z look like two chumps playing in the sand.

  4. "Mario's gonna do something very illegal"

    -Mario "jump man" Mario

  5. 7-15-23
    Right after D-Sides Mario.exe transforms into his true form, around 1:17, it almost, to me, feels like the Second Half of the Mighty Phase of D-Sides Cycles or the Final Phase of the same song. Not sure if anyone else has that same feeling. It just has that same sort of feel. I don't know how to describe it.

  6. If This Amazing D-Side Song is Great, Imagine How Wonderful Will be Mario's Madness V2

  7. This song feels like it's coming straight out from the original massacre madness mod

  8. I LOVE D-SIDES, they just don’t make an ordinary remix. They make it sound completely different but with the same style/melody. Their creative with designs and character choices, and talented… I LOVE THIS. Well done D-Sides team✨

  9. We making it out of the virtual boy with this one🔥🔥

  10. Got damn!! They never miss on any cover!!!

  11. 1:01 I did not expect Dsides Mario.EXE to turn into that
    This songs so cool!!!

  12. ngl impressive how they made an honestly mid song become so fucking peak

  13. а что он похож? я думал, что D-Side значит полное переосмысление персонажа. Ну или тупо его замена на другого (так например родился Mighty.zip). Но здесь кажется, будто это новый Марио.exe, а не D-Side версия того-самого Марио, который обещал явится к каждому, кто обогнал его в картинге.

  14. This pricked ghastly feaster and dadbattle are my favourites in dside

  15. God Z: Look what they need to match only a fraction of our power.

  16. You want Mario? I’ll show you mario.

  17. Has anybody noticed that the first phase it looks like he is wearing a mask

  18. What an nice fellow to have in your barbecue, isn't that right?


  20. i never thought of a virtual boy aesthetic for a "mario.exe" song, but it looks amazing!

  21. Fun fact: This Mario's design is based on a graphics glitch on the Virtual Boy that caused Mario's face graphics to not work properly, resulting in a "split face"

  22. Man, this design for Virtual Boy Mario is so peak, even the phases and D-side song to!

  23. I love how true marios ass is tooted up in his down sprite

  24. "It's a Me… ꩇׁׅ⁠֪݊ ɑׁׅ⁠ꭈׁׅ⁠ꪱׁׁׁׅׅׅ⁠ᨵׁׅׅ."

    Exalted cracked his knuckles. "That's cute, Let's Dance, Mario."

  25. does anyone know if this character is the d side version of Mario.exe or Mr Virtual?

  26. Witch version better? D side or original? Comment and like.

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