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FNF Neo Reacts EP. 2 – Tricky Mod – GC/FNF (Read desc first)

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NOTICE : The design have now changed my style, Neo Miku is NOT a mod, but a variation of the Neo Dimension.


WARNING : If you have epilepsy or a disorder with the flashing effects, DO NOT watch this video!


Gacha Club by Lunime

Friday Night Funkin by Ninjamuffin99, Kawai Sprite, PhantomArcade and evilsk8r

FNF Neo Mod by JellyFishedm, Mr.Moister, EvanClubYT and Magnusstrom

FNF Tricky Mod by Banbuds, Rozebud, KadeDev, and Cval


Video Used:


0:00 – Intro & Spooky Kids
0:38 – Improbable-Outset
2:50 – Madness
Question of the Day!

– Do you like the Madness Combat series? What is your favorite part?


  1. Imagine you switch the last clip of tricky to him transforming into the last form

  2. I dont know why they are angry at tricky if tricky want go to them and kill all of them

  3. BRUHH the flashing lights doesn't scare me l:Þ

  4. Oh omg you guys make neo react its azmzaing video lets see the neo react good ending

  5. 7 BTW if you did not know that when tricky phase is on leaked you get the cutscene where hank shoots off tricky s mask

  6. Can they React Tricky beatsreets mod 😎😎😎

  7. I hate you what do you think happend almost got blind

  8. Can they react to trickys phase 3 leaks? I happy about it if you do so 🙂 (I subbed)
    Edit: tricky 2.0 is out! Now can they react to it?

  9. Gf in the mod in tricky she isn’t scared because bf and gf are only scared of lightning -_-

  10. Phase 3 is nearly coming out you ready????

  11. This monster can rap somehow

    Well if he can be a dj he can rap

  12. Request: make them react to all the songs lyrics from elite phoenix

  13. Wow madness combat is getting populer because of tricky

  14. Well why did they use glitches if he did a glitch and while there everyone scared

  15. Tricky after the fire arrows: dhdyejdhdbThdhdhdhdOkdhdhjdhdTmxhdjdhdudi

  16. Fun fact for those that for some reason didnt knew
    Both GF and BF are too dumb to realize real dangers
    And the only thing that scares them are thunders

  17. who ever said HE TOOK OF HIS MASK here’s the thing

    i shoot of trickys mask

    then tricky go AAAAA

    then tricky mask fell off

  18. I know madness was set to easy mode cause that the only mode i can defeat madness on

  19. me: watches tricky's 2nd song
    also creator: Glitches the screen along with tricky

  20. Could react to beatstreets tricky and meet him plz

  21. Fun fack: neo mod Tricky got shoot by hank:/

  22. can you make them react to all the episodes and series of madness combat please

  23. Theres the 2.0 update make him react to it

  24. Why not know your channel before? You are awesome!!!

  25. The Neo BF was like me when I go OH SH! and nearly die in a game.

  26. Miku even join the fray😊 so she can be with bf and gf

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