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Fnf react to Tricky 2.0

Springtrap Fazbear
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  1. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. Tricky isnt such a bad guy he waited for bf to do his mic drop extend thing

  3. Senpai: I can do BETTER. Me: And u lookn like a Karen!!! AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  4. давай phase 4 tricky

  5. Mechanical Adventure Ævensærlierœt says:

    I need expurgation tricky

  6. How girlfriend and the music thingy landed perfectly

  7. Pov: you see senpai say: im still stronger than madness. and when its the hell clown cutscene your pov asks him: whos stronger now Senpai

  8. hank have fight under the worl he shoot but tricky is what are you doing

  9. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! they watch video and they watch vs tricky becus hes face is like zombie so goodluck!1 ^_^

  10. Someone should make a better end to it so instead of Tricky imploading, he just wants a fist bump.

  11. Senpai I have a question have you ever killed Jesus well technically Jebus but that's fine have you ever killed them before cuv tricky has

  12. SUS you have GLITCHBOI so you are WILLIAM, SUS

  13. Pls memes and trick 4 phase and exbpurgation plssssssssssss

  14. Are you Russian? I just noticed russian words

  15. I just realized
    That tricky phase three hits a left note he points a middle finger

  16. btw i don't play among us anymore (drink) says:

    Sempai: im still stronger
    song: phase 3 start
    sempai: nevermind

  17. In my mind be like : ypu senpai stop telling lies

  18. Bit behind with this reaction gonna be honest but I’m not complaining

  19. I'm sorry, but why the flip are GF and BF scared and surprised? They were there in Nevada. 😐
    Is this past fnf characters reacting, Or what?

  20. bruh this dude doesnt know about expurgation
    at least learn about the mod before making a video about gachas reacting to it

  21. Dead channel and the all of the vids in the channel os amazing

  22. 6:50 is it me or did I hear tricky say “you see, your dead-“

  23. bro there is a water mark
    get rid of it
    is the crano thing gonna be there this entire time or WHAT
    also you forgot expurgation tricky

  24. Day 1 of commenting cringe on shit yt videos that should never exist

  25. Hey are you okay, you haven’t posted in 6 months?? Are you okay?

  26. Gambian Institute of Science and Technology says:

    I have given up entirely on this channel.

  27. If you understand Russian then please answer

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