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[FNF Remix] Ivudy – Madness (Tricky Mod)

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for this track I didn’t know what was gonna do for this track initially but I had a rough idea and that turned into this and I have to say that I am happy with this.
it took around 8 hours but took more than two weeks to finish.

✨Link To the art : lord-soba.tumblr.com/post/646071693624901632/uwu

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  1. -tiky 👆👈👆👉👆👉👆👈👆👉👆👈👆👉👆👈👆👉🖕👉👆👉🖕👉👆👉👇👉👇👉👇👉👇👉👉👈👉👉👈👉👇👇👈👇👈👇👉👇👉👆👈🖕👉🖕👉🖕👈👇👉👆👉👆👈👆👆👆👈👇👉👈🖕👉👈👇👉🖕👇👉🖕👉👆👉🖕👉👆👉👇👉👆👉🖕👉👆👉👇🖕🖕🖕👆👉🖕👉👆👉🖕👉🖕🖕🖕👉👇🖕👉👆👉👇☝👆👉🖕👉🖕👉👆👉🖕👉👆👉🖕👉🖕🖕👉👇👉👇👉👆👉👇👉🖕🖕🖕👈👇🖕☝👉👇👉🖕👉👇👉👇👈🖕☝🖕👉🖕👇☝🖕👉☝👇🖕👉☝👇🖕👉🖕☝👉👇☝👇👉👇👇👉☝🖕👆🖕👆👇👆🖕☝🖕☝🖕☝☝🖕☝👉🖕☝🖕👇☝🖕👉🖕👉☝👇👇👉☝👇👇☝🖕👉☝👇🖕👉👇☝👉👇👇☝👇👉👇☝👇👉👉👇👇🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉🖕☝👉🖕🖕☝👇👉🖕☝👇🖕👉👉👇👉👇☝👇👉👇👉👇👉👇☝👇☝👇👉👇👇☝👇👉✌👉🖕☝👇👉👇☝👇☝👇☝👇🖕👉👇👉👇☝👇🖕👉👇☝🖕👉👇☝👉👇👉👇☝🖕👇☝🖕👉👇☝🖕👉👇👆🖕☝👇👇☝🖕👇👉👇👉👇☝👇👇👇👉👇👇👉👇👉🖕👉👇☝🖕☝🖕☝👇☝🖕☝🖕☝🖕☝👇☝🖕☝🖕☝🖕👉🖕☝🖕☝🖕☝🖕☝🖕🖕👉👇👉🖕☝👇👉☝👇☝👇👇☝👇👉👇☝👇☝🖕☝👇👉👇👉👉👇👉👇👉👇✌

  2. Heh heh, first!

    Also great remix, Tricky was always a favourite of mine…

  3. Why are you SO underrated?! Your remixes are GREAT!

  4. man this guy remix is you should not be underrated keep up the good work

  5. The clinking made me think my family was doing something with glasses, good remix tho I love it

  6. шо?кто? я вас не звал says:

    the author of the video I do not know much English but it turned out very cool I love Friday Night Funkin I like your channel on how much besides Friday Night Funkin you have remixes on the channel and on undertale au

  7. idk why but this gives me heavy "Deep Rock Galactic – (11) In the Belly of the Beast
    " vibes and i love it so much

  8. Accidentally played this on full volume at 2:00 a.m. yesterday woke up by sister and she was like what the hell is that

  9. The three dislikes are Hank, Boyfriend, and Girlfriend

  10. Anyone gonna mention the fact tricky's hair looks like a crasaunt

  11. This remix gives me Madness Combat vibes, I LOVE IT


  13. Все ремиксы этого трека оцениваются только по одному моменту(1:12)

  14. 包租偉 红伟Mr • Wei 来收订阅咯~ says:

    this so good

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