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[FNF] Ruv Vs Tricky – Full Week [Premiere Mod]

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Universo Style [Discord]

Sprite Coder and Editor by RuvStyle

Cover Author @TheDragShot

0:30 – Improbable Outset
2:19 – Madness
5:20 – Hellclown
9:10 – Expurgation

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses

The Full-Ass Tricky Mod

Ruv Reanimated!

#FridayNightFunkin #Tricky #Ruv #Sarv #fnf #Mod


  1. tricky starts to lose
    Ruv : Just a little more
    Tricky Activate 5 transformation
    Ruv: now fuck

  2. Tricky on Exprugation: use long notes

  3. Tbh I think Ruv’s vocals coulda been dropped an octave, sounds a little too high for Mr. Bassman himself

  4. Tricky: full ass form
    Ruv: anyway, I start blasting Intense russa noices

  5. Tricky:this is starting to get fun. Show me what you got tricky.


  7. Звук слишком недоработан. Слышимость Hellclown слишком мала а у Ruv намного больше. Вы бы доработали этот момент а так норм

  8. I am subbed can I enter the live stream please I subbed already!

  9. oh yes listening to this again for after 5 months never caring about fnf

  10. Tricky: (minding his own business)
    Ruv: Hi, clown.
    Tricky: RUSSIAN.

  11. Tricky is so angry because sarv killed his clones even tho he has as much clones as he wants he just just make them

  12. To the creator of this mod sarv cannot make spikes but with a fight could rip if there heads so maybe at some bandages on sarv and her holding a head

  13. Sarvente: oh wow a giant demonic clown is trying to kill us and Ruv is fighting a rap battle with him…this is ok 😀

  14. Раз Рув не может победить Трикки, ТО ПОЧЕМУ 18 ЛЕТНИЙ ПАЦАН СМОГ ПОБЕДИТЬ ЭТОГО НЕДО БОГА?!

  15. コウキのゲーム実況(フォートナイト) says:

    Please also have a sarvente version for this song

  16. habran paso que el mejor creador de mods llamado RuvStyle ya llego!
    pd: eres un pro haciendo mods

  17. Shakes the room vs kills the room
    Pain vs death
    Clown vs russian
    Demon vs russian
    Demonic fire thing from hell vs russian
    Clown that eats hotdogs and kills hanks vs the room is gonna collapse

  18. Tricky the scorpion (mk x fnf)

  19. Good ending: Sarv bakes tricky cookies than tricky let's them leave

  20. How have I gone so long without seeing this? This is awesome. Hellclown in particular sounds amazing.

  21. The amount of ruv fangirls and even boys on this comment section concerns me.

    Like come on, tricky totally kicked his ass. He would do so in a real fight too.

  22. ruv is my fav character i like hes deep voice

  23. 🔜🔙🔜🔜🔄🔙🔜🔙🔚

  24. i love that ruv ended on the jojo pose in hellclown

  25. Ruv : ahh yes my twin
    Tricky : OMFG ITS THE CLOWN!!!! :AH KAKA shakes the whole universe

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