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FNF Tricky Mod 2.0 Death Music [1 hour]

Mr Meowzz
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Was recorded using v2.1 of the mod.

Credit to all of the people that worked or helped on the tricky mod 🙂

Banbuds – Director, Artist and Animator
Rozebud – Musician and Programming
KadeDeveloper – Programming
Cval – Charting, off-setting
YingYang48 – Composer
JADS – Composer
Moro – Cutscene 3 + 4, Backgrounds
Tom Fulp – SFX
Krinkels – Madness Combat
GWebDev – Video Cutscene Code
Tsuraran – Chicken Dance Remix

00:00 – before ded
00:27 – ded
1:00:40 – ending


  1. This music plays when one of us dies to the partygoers (but we have to play the music)

  2. Я смотрю на звёзды и слушаю эту музыку😔 – I look at the stars and listen to this music😔

  3. Creepy sound 40%
    Sad sound 30%
    Relaxing sound 999999.9%

  4. POV: you see your parents but they are fake bc your parents died and u run to them and say “is that really you mom and dad” and they say yes but when you arrive home they look like kidnappers and kidnapped you to a hollow place and your stuck in there… FOREVER

  5. pov: this is song from your friend and this is fake prize and she's kill you.

  6. You would put it in an horror game menu

  7. This would be the sound that would start playing when that best friend of yours begins to walk out after betraying you and mentally killing you at a certain point in time

  8. I listen to this when I’m sad or I miss the tricky mod it was really good

  9. Hello traveler Im sorry to inform you..You died from a clown that will now kill thousands Im sorry you lost hopeI mean heyAt least you can dance to your death[edit im sorry for this i was bored]

  10. This may be the first FNF mod where the Boyfriend isn't fighting for his Girlfriend's love, he's fighting for his life.

  11. I just joined the sitting bacon trend says:

    i clicked on it and roblox bully pops up

  12. I always play this audio when I think about life and the existence of everything we know

  13. This sounds like something from the Quake soundtrack tbh

  14. Red light green light bruh

  15. For everyone calling this the Chicken Dance song, I've noticed this song strongly resembles the elevator music in Madness in Tokyo, which is a spinoff of Madness Combat.

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