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FNF Tricky mod, but with original sprites…[MADNESS COMBAT]

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Tricky mod original sprites:


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  1. I love how tricky is in his cannon size when he was first seen in his demon form

  2. ok why the fuck does boyfriend look like that

  3. I wanted phase 4 tricky at the end :<

  4. In there first song tricky icon: ✋🤡✋

  5. I love how tricky when he transforms into phase three. You can see him as tricky phase 6

  6. Tricky's phase 1 icon be like: ✋😏

  7. in madness why does his mask get attached to the sign in some sprites

  8. First lyrics of the part in expurgation

  9. I love how he is happy and not mad bc of rap battle

  10. 6:09 when mom finds out you forgot to defrost the chicken

  11. 1st song should've been tiky without the filters

  12. Now to give the game less fps so it's a newgrounds flash game

  13. It’s cool when tricky phase 1 is actually tricky phase 0

  14. And also like it. Cause it’s cool that phase 1 tricky is phase 2

  15. And also it’s cool that in the og mod when tricky has his stop sign

  16. Why Tricky phase 3 color is white?

  17. Lowkey wish for phase 3 they used the madness accelerant (I forgot how to spell lol) sprite

  18. Такой трикки exupergation смешной🤣

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