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[FNF TRICKY MOD] Menu Music to Game Over Music Comparison

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So people have said that the game over music is the same as the menu music. So I have put that to the test.



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  1. Also if you speed up the game over music by 2x, it will sound exactly like the chicken dance.

  2. Well, the song is the chicken dance, it plays both on the first episode of madness combat and in the DJ tricky scene, this is why the title screen is the funny clown as a DJ

  3. The game over theme is just menu but creepy

  4. The Game Over song is oddly soothing for how brutal the death animation is, but it's kinda nice to sit back and think after getting bodied in Expurgation.

  5. Fun fact:game over screen is must to be the sing cuting on half bf but the script is very broken

  6. I’m ow how to play Blue balled on piano so does that mean…

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