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FNF Tricky vs Hank [ultimate madness] (remake voice)

Charmx the king
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Download the vocals for use in the game right here :

My Vocals Chromatic Scale :

Q : can I use this ?
A : Yes You can use this.
And credit me please. 🙂

Original Mod
Mod by @Modiey :

Original remix by RetroSpecter :

Tricky mod @Banbuds :

Hank mod @MashProTato :

Hank Rebooted @YellowMaster :


  1. no one talking about how gf is literally hank in a dress–

  2. Cyanide YT and Curious Sea doggo official says:

    Ayo this retrospecter madness?

  3. Please tabi vs Spooky Kids genocide x Spookeez/South

  4. So basically Hank and Tricky each went on a killing spree and saw each other on the middle of the bloodbath and decided to scream at each other for over five minutes

    Seems about right

  5. aw man. hank doesn't get to scream "DEATH!" anymore.

    otherwise, this goes pretty hard. job well done!

  6. I think the old vocals should be used for the first form while the new vocals would be used for the second form in this video.

  7. Ryne Niduaza (I support ukraine 🇺🇦) says:

    Hank got mad after tricky attacked him for not getting him the sweet and sour


  9. Tricky screamed so hard the top of his head came off

  10. The new voice of hank sounds for suitable for hank than the old voice that sounds like a toilet

  11. how many money do you want for cover of Saster's "Game Over" with Tricky's 2nd phase's voices?

  12. I have a question : do you have the chromatics scale of deimos and the midi file of hieroglyphic a**hole ? ^^
    love your videos 🙂

  13. Friday night funkin vs happy tree funker


  14. I love this mod so much, but the charting at the end is just terrible.

  15. Hey Chramx Can You Make Sonic Soundfont In You Video Sonic Chromatics Scale

  16. Hanks voice sounds like he drank a potion of whithering

  17. so this is what everyone did while waiting for madness combat 11

  18. Why hank is gf now❔❓❔❓

  19. Banana (Samu) •há 100.000 anos atrás says:

    hank sings hellclown

  20. 𝓐 𝓶𝓾𝓼𝓵𝓲𝓶 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    Mashup Request: Shaggy vs Sonic.exe [God Eater + Too Slow]

  21. Hey Charmx heres 2 good ideas. Tricky vs tricky (Improbable outset x madness without boyfriend) OverHead X Madness, This one may be harder to complete because of Offsets.


  23. The new voice SLAMS!!! sounds so much better

  24. dude it sounds like hank is fuckin yelling at me from my porch, I have ptsd, you can't spook me like that man.

  25. Hank, being kill and die alot, but he never die actrually
    Hank life is an couple of his afterlife

  26. Hol' up. Did u use the hank voice from MPN2? Cuz' his 'lines' in there where MAD short…

  27. No manches la voz de hank de algun modo se oye aun mas demoniaca y satanica de lo que antes ya era

  28. not canon
    Sanford and Deimos ≈ mc 8
    Hank = mc 6

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