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FNF vs. Tricky | All Tracks/Music |

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Cool new update brought a lot of great new content, and great new songs! So I wanted to compile the fantastic music.
My favorite track is expurgation.

Credits are in the videos, but, thanks to Banbuds, his modding team, and krinkels.

Download the mod:
Watch madness combat, the origin of tricky, here:

0:00 – Improbable Outset
1:49 – Madness
4:21 – Hellclown
8:03 – Expurgation


  1. I remember when this mod only had improbable outset and madness lmao

  2. Improbable Outset be like : CACCA! TODOROKI! COOKIE!

  3. Expurgation is fucking amazing. I listen to it and sometimes cannot even fathom the work and genius that went into it.

    Reason 1: The mixing up of the vocals. It feels very clear that JADS didn’t just make a soundfont and then write the song, it shows that he put a lot of thought into it due to the variations in the vocals.

    Reason 2: Tricky’s voice. His voice is fucking amazing and the parts where he does a high pitched growl kind of thing is amazing. In a few parts due to the mixing it sounds like he’s laughing with pure insanity. Great stuff.

    Reason 3: The background details. The laughter in the background in the beginning fits really well, but when the initial drop happens they seem to minorly cut with the rest of the background and it’s amazing. There’s one part near the middle where the piano plays in the background (you have to focus a bit to hear it well) where it plays the normal melody but then after tricky sings the same melody as before but with cuts and repeats the piano ALSO DOES THE SAME! IT’S SO COOL!

    Reason 4: The buildup to the hank scream. The buildup to it is amazing and the harmonization that Tricky uses right before it is great. My favorite part about this is that right before he says hank it sounds like he’s laughing insanely.

    That sums up some of the awesomeness of this song and part of why I love it so much. There are countless other reasons but yeah.

  4. トリッキー見た目と経歴にしては意外と対戦相手へのリスペクトが厚い歌い方してんだよなぁ、しっかりと相手を支えて、それでいて自己主張もしながら相手と歌ってる感じがする。

  5. My headcannon: BF's ability to cause anyone to engage in funny rapping interrupted Tricky's usual business
    Tricky was about to fuckin murder the shit outta BF after Improbable Outset, but due to being shot by Hank he was interrupted, therefore having to engage in funny rapping again
    Then after Madness he gets so royally pissed off that he decided to forgo the whole just murder and decided to go full Hellclown to beat the shit out of BF, therefore interrupting his focus again so he had to engage in funny rapping one last time (a necessary pain he was willing to put up with to turn BF into paste)
    Then he was interrupted by unknown forces before he could kill BF after hellclown

  6. I hate clowns but this is really freaking good.

  7. hellclown sounds like when i stutter

  8. There's just something great about the first part of Hellclown with Tricky's high notes. Just horrible screams.

  9. How to describe the Tricky Mod:
    Improbable Outset: Anger
    Madness: More Anger
    Hellclown: Utterly Pissed
    Expurgation: Fuck You: The Musical

  10. Madness combat fans when someone says hank and tricky are from fnf 2:00

  11. Me explaining the Madness Combat storyline to a friend.

  12. Me and my mom arguing on which one of my family has to do the dishes

  13. Everyone on the plane at 3 am: Sleeping

    That ONE kid using his moms ipad: starts playing this shit

  14. Random person: I wonder what he is watching


  15. I just realized tricky is the only mod character that stays angry instead of happy then angry then DEMON

  16. Me when I wanna play roblox and can’t find my fav game:

  17. Improbable Outset: Mini Boss
    Madness: Normal Boss
    Hellclown: Final Boss
    Expurgation: Secret Final Boss (using the McGuffins to win)

  18. ah yes, the great sounds of printers and beeps

  19. Damn mans just explained the entire Nexus project in a song 💀

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