FNF VS. Tricky Mod - Explumbergation (Expurgation with Mario 64 Voice Clips) [VOCALS ONLY IN DESC] - braincubegames.com

FNF VS. Tricky Mod – Explumbergation (Expurgation with Mario 64 Voice Clips) [VOCALS ONLY IN DESC]

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So I had a weird idea once, that’s it that’s the story.

The Tricky Mod:

Vocal only:

I do not own Friday Night Funkin’ or the Tricky Mod


  1. Luigi: hmm what mushroom did Mario eat eh he was supposed to be on a diet I'm telling mom -mario running to his mother:

  2. He sound like disjdnidencnekfnfiwkv ismd

  3. This is actually pretty menacing if the right context is given

  4. Mario: why can't I kill I know you bf: I know you will

  5. This is better than original tricky phase 4 so much better with Mario i’m not kidding

  6. I find it funny that an edit of Mario singing expurgation is what blew this channel up

  7. Can you make him say LUUIGII instead of MMAAAAAA

  8. This should at least have ONE screen flash line that references:
    Backwards long jumping
    The Wario aparition
    L is real 2401

  9. Pov: ur name I Mario and ur trying not to get copyrighted by nintendo

  10. concept text lines
    "YOU DO NOT GET 1UP!!!"
    "WHERE LUIGI!!!"

  11. I heard this in a roblox target and it was the funniest thing ever

  12. 3:14 (which is the whole video) It's a pretty cool episode of SMG4 don't you think?

  13. i can see this being speed runner mario mod song

  14. I want this to be the superstar Mario.
    No joke.

  15. Since when did Mario get the improbability drive?

  16. Now I'm imagining this but BF is replaced with Toad

  17. Every madnes combat project nexus is personalised

  18. God dang it, this better be made into an actual mod

  19. You're not weegee
    Where is princes
    Why i cant blj

  20. I kinda want a Mario Monochrome…Metal Mario or sumthin

  21. How is this a cover this is just extracted audio of me playing super Mario 63 on a school computer in 2015

  22. Who else is rewatching this after furscorns triple trouble cover?

  23. Who knew Mario screaming would result in a 4 part series

  24. The fact there's an Expurgation Mario implies the existence of a normal Mario and a Hellplumber Mario

  25. This is basically what every speedrun sounds like

  26. This radiates more chaotic energy than Tricky could ever even dream of.

  27. alright, im thinking of remastering this by making mario pitch corrected, and giving it some voice effects or something

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