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FNF VS. Tricky Mod – HELLZOINKS (HELLCLOWN sung by Shaggy)

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He was forced to use 0.003%

I do not own any assets shown in the video, I only edited the vocals.

The Tricky Mod:

The Shaggy Mod:


  1. The Big Demon Cheater Tricky vs The unfair extra keys of the God Shaggy.

  2. That's a zoinks moment chat! (hope someone gets this reference)

  3. ok but this slaps hard and i have no idea why
    honestly, i think the reason it slaps so hard is because shagger has an echo in his voice

  4. can you publish the vocals please?, i wanna create a mod about it or you create the mod?

  5. Doubt shaggy seven affected by the wind wouldn’t be surprised if he was pushing tricky back instead

  6. shaggy explaining to tricky how scooby snacks arent the same as cookies:

  7. Can you do a wario and waluigi final destination cover plz

  8. Why are shaggy’s vocals more intimidating than tricky’s in his own demon song?

  9. 08จิราภัทร ตันเจริญ says:

    shaggy:did you just eat my dog >:(
    tricky:Yes 🙂

  10. Did the comments saying real shaggy would be scared of tricky age well?

  11. “Hey, killing that dude with the red glasses was not cool, dude. I’m gonna have to use 0.00001 percent of my power stop you from hurting anyone else, man.”

    "You like, seek for DEEZ NUTS, HA- gottem"

  13. Request: hellclown but is sung by spinel (a.k.a tricky vs spinel)

  14. shaggy: damn this guy is strong, i had to use 0.03% of my power to beat him

  15. The Scoobation, ZoinkedClown, Snackness, Mystery's Outset

  16. every fire note shaggy hits turns to dust man
    this is pointless
    we know who wins this man
    oh man
    im listening to this an picturing this fght man
    i see this man
    shaggy wins man
    u dont understand his pwer man
    its too much
    O GOD

  17. the real shaggy would piss his own ass if he saw this

  18. New idea:
    Saiyan vs hacker
    (Expurgation sung by Shaggy and Monika)

  19. Tricky can do many improbable things due to the improbable drive.
    What is the most improbable thing other than…
    Making Shaggy try…

  20. Tricky is in over his head here. You can see him screaming in pain the whole time

  21. using 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 percent or his power, he can easily beat Matt,(3rd part) tricky(6), and bob at the same time.

  22. Didn't know Shaggy was bigger than hellclown trucky

  23. Tricky/me:, ok who am I fighting next
    Guy who made this: shaggy
    Tricky/me: ….oh shit I'm dead

  24. Shaggy when uses 100%:
    Infinite keys
    Intense charting
    Impossible song
    Result: Your PC has to force restart

  25. He had to use 0.00⅓ of his ability due to the fact of Tricky's aura and size and power to bite off Thanos himself

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