Friday Night Funkin but TRICKY HIRED JEBUS TO FIGHT ME... FNF Mods #22 -

Friday Night Funkin but TRICKY HIRED JEBUS TO FIGHT ME… FNF Mods #22

SuperDog Tyler
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Today I play FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods and play FNF JEBUS MOD! FNF Jeb goes CRAZY and wants to snipe us! 🔫
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This Friday Night Funkin Jebus Fnf Jeb mod is created by Astact

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Partial Music Credit By HeatleyBros
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  1. If you don’t know what jebus said he said huh? Guess I’m right

  2. "And yous saying shaggy and matt mod is hard"

  3. Super dog: jebus never dies
    Me: he died in madness combat 8 🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Tricky didn’t hire jeb,

    Because first off jeb and tricky hate eachother

    Second jeb has killed tricky before, and tricky has literally ripped jeb head off

    Third off why would tricky hire anyone???
    He is all powerful with the halo

  5. Same type of person that thinks tricky is from fnf

  6. Bruh why tiky will hire jeebus i think you don't know about madness combat

  7. Jebus.


  8. I can't pronounce his name right so I just call him beaches that's weird

  9. Phase 2:mental break down

  10. Fun fact the tricky cut out is actually flipping of hank its censored now tho

  11. Part 2 part 2 part 2 part 2 part like tricky mod

  12. SomeOne Made a New Tricky Mod That Replaces The Song Madness With OMFG!

  13. WHaT iS UuUuuuUupP SuPEr SquAD!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The first words he said will never get old

  14. Fun fact. Jibus puts revive bandaging when Hank dies☠️💀

  15. Phase 0 triki is yelling like a microwave and
    Boyfrend is beeping like a car😂

  16. Pls play FNF Auditor Gateway to hell, it's a perfect madness combat

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