Friday Night Funkin' but Untitled Goose is here to Annoy Boyfriend & Girlfriend -

Friday Night Funkin’ but Untitled Goose is here to Annoy Boyfriend & Girlfriend

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Friday Night Funkin FNF mods Gameplay and Reaction. We check out the Friday Night Funkin’ Untitled Goose Game FNF mod full week, and the Untitled Goose is here to annoy Boyfriend and Girlfriend during their picnic! Can BF and GF get back to their date? Or will the Untitled Goose complete his to-do list? It’s FNF Boyfriend vs Untitled Goose!

Untitled Goose Mod

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  1. The goose was hyonkin' such fire that your computer wasn't swag enough to handle the based energy of the goose.

  2. The goose looks crazeh and how does this relate to indie cross?

  3. When the goose said “Honk” I felt that

  4. I think, all the To-Do List is supposed to do is block your view to your arrows, Mairusu.

  5. Just when you thought you were safe from the goose

  6. mairusu can u plz play vs hecker mod? it also shows BF without his hat! 😀

  7. Hey mairusu can you try the uhmm… like the…. mod that something cool? Like uhmm like… uhmm gf mod?

  8. If boyfriend.xml didn’t have the power to sing his way out of danger he would’ve been dead.

  9. 11:06 You're probably thinking of Bob from Bob's Onslaught
    You know how he opens up those fake, random windows to distract you and you're able to close them

  10. This is bf's true ultimate rival. Nothing is stronger than a goose

  11. also It put 10:14 in google lens and it says this: Coriander, Bun
    (No Joke)

  12. Mairusu, every time I kept commenting you, it's like you think it could be a lie, but Mairusu you've got to believe me that the FNF werewolf animations made by Dareen Younes are really cool that I subscribed to him and I think you should watch them too, 4 in total, epic forms of the characters, and more. If you do watch them, I can actually like the video.

  13. Hjönk hjönk am goose 🦆

    "Untitled Song" is the title of the song.

    This bird can sing.

  14. Uh…
    You haven't played Mistful crimson morning 😐

  15. have you played Untitled Goose before, Mairusu?

  16. I wanted the farmer or other characters from the untitled goose game to be in the mod ngl

  17. Candian Yotuber simracer Goosiest, if youre watching this, then this game is perfect for you!

  18. The To Do List Belongs To The Goose
    And Its A View Blocker

  19. Well well well. if it isn't my old friend untitled goose he makes a return in FNF.

  20. You want to revisit untitled goose game yeah why not

  21. Wow he crashed your game I didn't know that. I actually wasn't aware of desktop goose

  22. Hey is that FNAF mod out the one called suicide Friends that one’s cool if it’s out play it it’s so cool looking

  23. Mairusu if u see this comment two new episodes of needlemouse have come out

  24. "Looking for trouble and if I cannot find it, I'll create it."

  25. I hope you'll check out the Alice mod someday

  26. Mother funking is the " YOU IS A" meme but FNF😏

  27. Aaaaaaayyyy I'm aaalll iiiiinnnnn!!!!


  29. man mairusu is starting to revert back to being bad

  30. If you pause while BF is running, you see letters NG at bottom of the shoe

  31. i just realised the to do list covers up the grey notes

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