Friday Night Funkin' - Madness Remix [Tricky Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Madness Remix [Tricky Mod]

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While I was away with my family madness was stuck in my head and I’ve been thinking of ideas on what to do with it. Even listened to it on my 16 hour drive home lol anyway hope you enjoy

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  1. This sounds kinda like a theme for a Halloween event boss

  2. This song hit me harder than the shock when i got gold mini on TDS.

  3. The perfect madness remix doesn't exi-

  4. This sounds like it would go well with supreme calamitas

  5. I think in my personal opinion it should be called "Clowns Wrath"

  6. Tricky my favorite character in madness combat series

  7. Well, Tankman man ascends and Tricky goes to… the other place

  8. You guys remember when tricky was the DJ in madness combat? Maybe he took over the equipment Kamex used to make the song.

  9. Why do you and retrospecter do a new epic remix?

  10. Best song remix: genocide,ballistic and madness

  11. Wow poor Kamex, they were infected with the "certain boyfriend's is ugly" disease 😔.

  12. Tricky: you do not kill clown clown kills you!

  13. I'm really listening to this while I play Black ops 3 right now and it is making me go sweat mode bro LOL

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