Friday Night Funkin - Misery NT Edition Charted (FNF MOD/VS MOUSE) -

Friday Night Funkin – Misery NT Edition Charted (FNF MOD/VS MOUSE)

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so the misery that was gonna be used in vs mouse NT edition got leaked, then the whole mod got cancelled (ironic). decided to chart it since its a good song despite it being from the burden of novatos team. probably the only good song that the NT edition was gonna have, i heard their welcome remake and its abysmal honestly.

i dont know who made the song, nor do i really care, but if you are the composer, just comment down below and ill add you here. for now its empty though. also i did use the outdated 2.6 build for this for the sprites, insanity funny is scrapped anyway so it doesnt really matter.

2nd last “mouse” related video for a while, i want to branch out a little bit with my content (e.g play other games, not mouse covers, all that)

hope you enjoy this chart.

sprites animated by @Pumkin , drawn by [REDACTED] (not sapphire btw)

chart download:

Vs Mouse 2.5:

join my channel membership if you want:

full playlists of my covers:

get the original fnf with the bad input lmao:

sub and stuff lol

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  1. Misery NT Edition Old IS Better than New Misery NT!

  2. Disk 3 has the only good songs in FNF Vs Mouse NT apart from there labrat remake.

  3. Mickey crying Be like lol 0:01 The HO HO HO HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH 1:10 mickey has grin 1:12 2nd HO HO HO HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH 2:22

  4. Why does the 3 2 1 go voice sound like a 7 year old?

  5. how did they make misery actually sound good

  6. Ngl, even though I dont like Mouse NT Edition too much, this song slaps.

  7. Nice chart, are you gonna chart Suicide NT Edition?


  9. Who ever leaked VsMouse NT edition Working On he should be feel sorry about it Like I'm Foking For the Mod to release and random idiot leaked it Now that VsMouse is canceled then thats sucks

  10. Hey Nice chart I'm sad That VSMouse NT Edition was cancelled but can you make Overpast Flp?

  11. can you make midi outta olimac’s misery?(or known as sorrow?)cuz there is only 1 midi of it

  12. Can you make fnf crossed out but it's sonic exe team
    Known has crossed.exe

  13. Why was this scrapped this design was so cool

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