Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - Tricky BeatStreets Mod [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – Tricky BeatStreets Mod [HARD]

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Amazing mod, but god my fingers are sore. It was very tough to full combo for sure. Loved everything about it, the remixes sound awesome and I love how challenging it is! Definitely not super good accuracy, but I hope you guys can still enjoy it nonetheless! Also, sorry for the late upload!
Link to mod:

0:00 Improbable-Outset
2:02 Madness

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  1. Jugué este mod y me dolió la mano

  2. This mod can be considered tame compared to some other mods out there.

  3. I want there to be a beatstreets hellclown and expurgation

  4. this sounds like they took the normal song and they multipled the chart multiple times

  5. BF: que Deus tricky Phase 2 pessoas Puto Vezes 10000% putão bom dia

  6. Tricky: que bom 1000 vergonha filha da puta uma coisa 4769 muito difícil

  7. o Flippy não fez perfect,reparem nas notas q ele erra mas o contador de erros não conta e a barra sobe e desse 2:14

  8. Me using debug to recreate madness
    What comes out is this version of madness

  9. Bro how many notes is too many this sounds like garbage

  10. Madness was gospel difficulty at first, then the spam on tricky side happened-

  11. I love how tricky spams left-down because its his color scheme lmao

  12. Te robaron el video quieres que te pase link para que lo denuncies


  14. Looking at this now make this look as easy as beepbop

  15. He needs to try the 2.0 version

  16. This kind of tricky doesn’t need a cookie, he needs a FRICKEY.

  17. I like how this charting has now just become much more tame compared to the stuff we got now. The ga.e has really evolved in difficulty

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