Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - UpSide Tricky Mod [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – UpSide Tricky Mod [HARD]

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Such a cool mod! Some really creative remixes of the original songs and it was definitely pretty tough to Full Combo! I really hope more Tricky mods will come, because I really can’t get enough of this clown hehe. Hope you guys enjoy!

Link to mod:

0:00 Improbable-Outset
2:11 Madness

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  1. I would kill for phase 3 and 4 upside tricky.

  2. its funny how the improbable outset is way harder than madness because of the speed

  3. Ima come back after 2 or 1 week/weeks

  4. Who would win

    Flippy/Fliqpy or this version of tricky?

  5. Read your name to understand what i meant to say says:

    I like how The bar Decends But it Doens't Cont As An Miss And Dont Reset the combo

  6. Legend has it: the chance of this guy getting something lower than sick is 0.0000000000000000000001%

  7. WY is madness hiydius. WY is improbable outset better?

  8. upside madness: m a d
    upsidedown madness: this ground?

  9. "Impossible thrive"
    "Anger ness"
    "Inferno clowness"

  10. cap thats too much HAX atleast even one miss bro (or maybe i am bad at the game most probaly)

  11. i used to kinda hate this mod but now it kinda slaps

  12. Which is better? Upside Madness or Beatstreets Madness? I like Upside more.

  13. Somebody needs to make a full version of this mod so basically like make it this a full version called*THE FULL [ A word] UPSIDE TRICKY MOD.

  14. My man this beat is making me remix my man

  15. They should of made an beatstreets hank and upside hank to match this.

  16. One of my fav mod this is so sick that the best i heard i love tricky skin he look cool

  17. Madness is a 10/10 best mod in the world

  18. soon enough we'll have beatstreets ballistic, upside shaggy, d-side matt and so on.

  19. When is there gonna be upside tricky full week V2 don’t. We need V2 as well

  20. Improbable Outset is the best song from this and it’s pretty good

  21. Cyanide YT and Curious Sea doggo official. says:

    Hats off to whoever made that remix of improbable outset

  22. One day, Flippy will be able to full combo Run.


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