Friday Night Funkin reacts to VS. Tricky Mod but BAD | xKochanx | Gacha Club | FNF -

Friday Night Funkin reacts to VS. Tricky Mod but BAD | xKochanx | Gacha Club | FNF

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VS. Tricky but bad: ()
Supercario –

Gettin Freaky – Kawai Sprite

“Art of Silence – by Uniq” is under a Creative Commons license (Creative Commons – International Recognition 4.0 – CC BY 4.0)

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #VSTricky

0:00 – Kochan Intro
0:05 – React Intro
1:55 – VS. Tricky Mod Reaction
8:30 – Saving the Siblings
8:49 – Outro


  1. Captions: MORE FOREIGN
    Me: 👁👄👁
    Also captions: CHICKEN NOW

  2. Fantastic, another game ruined whith the gacha life

  3. Tricky: *man screaming*
    BF: bla bla bla bla

  4. My reaction on "tricky but bad":

    "Tricky sounds like like his burping on a broken microphone. Boyfriend sounds like a kid just saying random stuff on the microphone"

  5. Wait a minute….

    Garcello is a live?

  6. I like the thumbnail of tricky being a smol bean

  7. I can't stand the "urgsh" part in madness, im going to die.

  8. Add this please is beautiful right 👁👄👁👉👈

  9. Garcello: its still nice
    bf in the mod: prpapapapraprpaprpapar

  10. Kocen. Can. You. Do. The. Tricky. Mod. But. The. Funkin. Vrzen

  11. Tricky's voice is the funny I guess little bit funny

  12. Pls make them react to the mod where bf looses him memory

  13. Kochan: (tries to stop Pico)
    Pico: okay

    Me: I'm still a fan of ya pic even know u say okay

  14. Tricky no go vroom and WHAT WAS THAT SOUND FOR THE RED ARROWS

  15. Tricky sounds like whitty, zardy and normal tricky but 10x louder and more like a spawn from HECK

    Cam/bf sounds like a random (insert any age) year old developing a cringe voice

    Is that just me-?

  16. Tricky sounds like he's burping-


  17. Poor guy who voiced tricky on madness… R.I.P.

  18. Tricky sounds like he's choking or coughing badly

  19. Can they react to garcello but bad that cough is making me laugh 😂

  20. XD the song just sounds like tricky is choking while singing

  21. why is senpai wearing a garcello outfit tho

  22. MY EARS BLEED SO MUCH, CUZ OF TIKY (lol what a good name)

  23. You should make a Video where the fnf characters react to whitty mod but with whitty there :0

  24. is anyone not gonna ask why senpai is wearing garcello clothes and hat?

  25. Fun fact: did you know that the real gf and bf and called boyfriend and girlfriend but the but bad fnf mod there just called boifend and grilfend its just so funny anyways i will edit the comment now

    so i have more to talk to the people who is new in fnf if you played the tricky mod and the full as tricky mod also and if you did it but bad the phase 3 and 1 and 2 made my eye hurt bc it was so loud if it happened to you too reply to me and tell me end…

  26. If senpai is wearing Garcello's clothes in the thumbnail he should now smoke to his death

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