Friday Night Funkin' Remix - Expurgation [Vs. Tricky Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’ Remix – Expurgation [Vs. Tricky Mod]

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Here it is, Expurgation from the Full Tricky Mod. One of my most favorite songs in any Friday Night Funkin’ mod ever, I’ve been humming it all week.
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  1. me trying to explain how playing this increase my braincells to my parents

  2. This is the real drip and fire 🔥 beat! We also have a Expurgation remix! You can check it out! (Or whoever else is reading this.)

  3. Damn, at 3:30 they really cranked the improbability drive up to 11

  4. Bro this song in 1.25 Is really fast and same a rap god

  5. Omg it’s you you the best I love your videos it’s very good and epic I sub and like! And there is a tricky 5!

  6. Song: Ends for a second
    RetroSpecter: Ya…..No

  7. The things that bug me about this remix is that most of tricky’s notes in the second half are just his “hoo” sound, the buildup to the “HAAAAAAAAANK”s end too soon, and a lot of the vocals in the second half do a weird fade-in before they are vocalized, compared to the vocals in the first half that were more consistent in tone and volume. Sorry i had to be a little critical, Retro, but this remix had just a bit more potential you didn’t quite reach.

  8. This is Expurgation but the speed was multiplied by [YES] and just when you think the nightmare is over there’s more notes.

  9. also bro you know when tricky was stabbed in the eye
    the community games tricky 8.0 remix used your song!

  10. Im not saying fnf music is bad and all mods they are my favourit music its Just beep poob aa and screameng and that is the Best thing ever i jusl like fnf music especile expurgation and accelerant and anvecmaphobia from auditor

  11. No entendí ni madres pero te quedo chido wey

  12. We need an instrumental version to this fr

  13. Please add tricky phase 3 HELLCLOWN REMIX? Please?

  14. MY EARS CALL A DOCTER and btw what the hell is the icon

  15. Whooooooooo's HE, Wheeeeeeeeeereeeeee's HHHHHHHHHANK!?

  16. Tricky: GSMSGSLSGSKFZKS me: bro wth but the remix is rock

  17. man I love this song so much this is like the hundredth time I listened to this.

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