Friday Night Funkin' [Tricky Mod 2.0] - 'Expurgation' BURST Remix V2 -

Friday Night Funkin’ [Tricky Mod 2.0] – ‘Expurgation’ BURST Remix V2

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3 months. It’s already been a whole 3 months since my first take on this, and I felt it was finally time to revisit it.
Expurgation didn’t take long to become the biggest remix on the channel and I’m endlessly grateful for the support that came from it. So let me deliver you something even better in return 😀

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  1. bro………………how is it so good…………………………legit……….surprised…………..

  2. Was expecting a HAAAANK, actually don't care, the song is good without it
    But you added it anyway
    (+1000000 HAAAAAAANK)

  3. will you make a remix of endless?

  4. 0:00 I wonder if someone made a version of the song like this (only instruments, no bf and tricky's voices)

  5. You have a lot of powers, you are a teacher (in Spanish teacher we say it as a pro lol)

  6. Now that sounds like a hard level for beatsaber/gd/adofai/osu

  7. this feels to much of a dust sans opening theme

  8. Oh god please don’t tell me you added megalovania…

  9. my character (planthero4) helplessly behind the smoothwall waiting for my return to get him out of there thinking i gave up on him already

  10. So basically phase 2 tricky sings expurgation burst remix?

  11. Where do you do the piano at the beginning is in an application? or fl fimelo please ;-;


  13. This is so different from the others! Wowee, I didn’t even know I needed this until now. This is so good!

  14. This song has so much soul, it’s so powerful and it feels like you are the villain

  15. ohh man, time to make some Burst chart hehe 🙂

  16. I got home from school to see that the piano intro is still going and my brother vibin

  17. I cant say it was the best
    Cant say it was the worst
    Because all of them are totally amazing and it makes it hard for me to decide. And I’m typically decisive when it comes to literally anything.

  18. This is a chaotic and awesome song! Love your remix vids keep up the good work!

  19. Wonderful remix, tricky's mod is amazing!, the only thing that made me sad about it is that everyone was excited for hellclown, but when it came to expurgation, hellclown ended up being dropped, but the remix is ​​very good!

  20. on a scale of 1-10 how hard was it to remake the vocals?

  21. if it wasn't for the fact that I only have a cell phone, I would make a chart of it 🙂

  22. Expurgation is my favourite song in vs tricky mod and u made me love it more

  23. not to be mean or anything but tricky looks stupid in that pose

  24. this remix is on fire more better than number 1 keep it going😉😉

  25. Vocals:ultra insane
    Effects:ultra insane
    Everything else:ultra insane
    new voice:ultra insane
    ultra insane:ultra insane

  26. can we just talk about how good the start of the song is when tricky fades into screen?

  27. Good remix but the tricky vocals dont feel like him actively ripping out his vocal chords

  28. Is it just me or does tricky sound like he almost lost his voice?

  29. Ngl Tricky kinda looks like Stitch in this shot. Also HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED?

  30. Imagine putting it in a mashup as the lead track.

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