Friday Night Funkin' [Tricky Mod 2.0] - 'Expurgation' BURST Remix -

Friday Night Funkin’ [Tricky Mod 2.0] – ‘Expurgation’ BURST Remix

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I worked SO hard to get this up lmao. As soon as Tricky 2.0 came out I got to work seeing as Expurgation (Phase 4 song by @JADS) was an absolute bop.
To show my appreciation for the mod, I went the extra step and animated the background for you guys. Please enjoy.

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FNF Tricky mod by:



  1. No one
    Tricky:THIS IS NEVADA!!!!!
    Me: have a cookie
    Tiky: COOKIE

  2. Your Remix Is Better Than Other Remix's WOW!!!

  3. Possibly sacrilege, but better than Retrospecter's remix

  4. friendship ended with: retrospecter
    BlueBurst is my new best friend

  5. me: sees "who am i"

    me: * realization…*

    me: it's everywhere… I cannot defeat this dementia, can't I?

  6. I would have to say in my opinion that the retrospector is better but this is also pretty good to listen to

  7. I'm listening to ChaosOfficialz's remix of this at the same time and it actually sounds pretty good. I wonder if his remix was inspired by this one? 🤔

  8. Can somebody tell me the words written behind his arm? XD



  11. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK!!!!!! (that parts cool)

  12. oh hey look an actual good expurgation remix

  13. make a hellclown burst remix it will be so fire 🔥👍

  14. A true battle between the greater good and God clown

  15. sounds like megalovania but with some tricky voices to me!

  16. Ah yes 4 minutes and 20 seconds my favorite time

  17. Really like that sorta reprise added at the end! You could say Tricky’s about to… burst.

  18. I love this song I think this is one of the best mods.

  19. this is off topic, but the time of the video is 420 o_o

  20. BRUH this is has to be the number 1 song good job mate

  21. I love how these remixes find the balance between boring remix and note spam madness. Great videos!

  22. Wow I could listen to this All day haha! the beats are so clean with this song and they way you made the background Move like that is amazing!

    This is what I mean. you're gifted for this talent you have, really great with this very cool songs and most of all, You're the most kindest person I ever saw-….well…heard in my whole life! (yes I read other comments ^^)

    And I think you are very nice and I love that about you BlueBurst, Keep going on doing amazing things and don't push yourself to hard! I want you to be happy too ^^

  23. Boss fights that go insane with Tricky in it be like:

  24. all ur songs are so good I t makes me wish I could put it on loop video

  25. Gaster's theme is freaking EVERYWHERE…

    Toby did a really good job of choosing a really common melody for Gaster's theme so it would seem like he's everywhere even in the real world.

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