Friday Night Funkin' [Tricky Mod 2.0] - 'Expurgation' BURST Remix -

Friday Night Funkin’ [Tricky Mod 2.0] – ‘Expurgation’ BURST Remix

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I worked SO hard to get this up lmao. As soon as Tricky 2.0 came out I got to work seeing as Expurgation (Phase 4 song by @JADS) was an absolute bop.
To show my appreciation for the mod, I went the extra step and animated the background for you guys. Please enjoy.

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Also, you CAN use my music for – Fangames, animations and speedpaints, mods, etc. So long as you still credit me, I have no problem with people using my music for creative and fun works like these.
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However! You CANNOT reupload my music with different art, use it in a compilation without my permission, share it without crediting me or reupload it in any way without asking first, unless it’s in a fangame, mod or animation.

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  1. Insanely insane remix
    And tricky is poking
    Is eyehole….

  2. Accidentally played this at 1.25x speed, but now I realize that it slaps.

  3. i swear his art keeps getting better and better good job man!

  4. better then basicly most remixes like most remixes remove how special the HAAANK moment was by just putting it everywhere but you highlight it

  5. I wasn't so sure about the beginning but it builds up to a masterpiece.

  6. aw hell nah tiky does vibe check

  7. Absolutely amazing and such a banger as well! can't wait to see more!

  8. everybody talking about Ruv's mic being unplugged while tricky here isn't even using a mic


  10. Second best remix. The first is Saster’s. This could easily take the top spot if it gave off the same feel as the original Expurgation, because the backing notes are different, which kinda destroys the epic ness that the original melody had. My main recommendation is that you keep the backing melodies the same to keep the original feel. Great remix, but I prefer remixes that keep the same feel as the original and improve upon it. More creative than Retrospecter’s remix, but doesn’t have the epicness that most remixes have.

  11. is it me or do i hear a little bit of Megalovania part here

  12. Wait I just now noticed the pose looks like… LB! SANS: AN ENIGMATIC ENCOUNTER V2 REMIX???

  13. Ahahahahahja dis is only one that can be used

  14. Aahahhaahaahhahaaahahhahahahahhaahahahhah

  15. Lets be real guys Expurgation can't be ruined its too good not matter what

  16. Naaah Not my Favorite retro is Better for me

  17. Expurgation has such a unique vibe that shit like this doesnt on expurgation imo. People gotta stop making shit remixes of exp.

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