Friday Night Funkin - Tricky Mod - All cutscenes -

Friday Night Funkin – Tricky Mod – All cutscenes

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  1. I love how hank had a sudden epiphany looking at tricky lol

  2. 1:41 Tricky: HAAAAAANK!!!
    1:43 Hank: Sup homies
    1:54 Hank:Ah sh*t!
    2:13 Tricky: YOU DIIIIE!!
    2:53 Hank: God finally

  3. 1:57 me watching the fireworks blow up after i helped my dad to lit his cigarrete

  4. Fun fact: in the last cutseen if ya listen closely you can hear foolhardy

  5. The scream after madness is from bloodborne, darkbeast Paarl death sound

  6. I like how Hank at 0:25 is like
    "Is that Tricky? AH AHH AHHH FUCK YOUUU" Gunshot

  7. Gf thumbs up
    Bf: baaw bab
    Gf: up up up up
    Bf: ba ba ba b— bbbbbaaaaawwwew

  8. These cutscenes remind me of the ones from Super Meat Boy.

  9. You do not kill clown (shotgun tiky) clown kills you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. When tricky punched hank I was like GAME cause they used those red zig zags from smash

  11. 𒐫 𒈙꧅⸻ 𒈙 𒐫꧅⸻ 𒈙 𒐫꧅⸻꧅⸻ 𒐫 𒈙 𒐫 𒈙 𒐫 𒈙 𒐫 𒈙꧅ says:
  12. 0:33 that's a reference hear closely it's the sound of weapon wheel of gta sound

  13. so my basic logic to what happened to tricky after hell clown so the auditors computer some how got hacked by the SAME PEOPLE WHO GOT A VIRUS IN HEX because the eye with the two crosses is the same thing hex did in glitcher i don’t know what those people are planning to do but it isnt good

  14. 0:57 Me when I lose my shit when I be having a tough day.

  15. 1:52 To Be Continued
    Tricky: …(now it's my chance!!)
    Tricky: PUNCHES

  16. 0:55
    dbz fans when someone makes a jojo reference in the comment section

  17. Love how gf is so chill this whole time lol

  18. Fun Fact: those who dislike this video are going to hell

  19. The 3rd cutscene reminds me of adventure time

  20. what song plays when phase 3-4 tricky fights hank?

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