Friday Night Funkin' Tricky Mod - Expurgation [TMG Remix] -

Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Mod – Expurgation [TMG Remix]

The Musical Ghost
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I thought my Improbable Outset remix was my most hard-hitting remix ever. I’ve bested myself again with this one. A lot of time and effort was put into making the music and the video. I hope that you guys would like it as much as I did while making this remix! ♥

Thanks to the team who created this mod. This is, by far, my most favorite FNF mod. Hats off to them! Here’s the link to the Full-Ass Tricky Mod, go support them:

And of course, please support the original Friday Night Funkin’ game:

Thanks to Orenji Music for letting me use his Tricky art from his Tricky Tribute video. Do check out his channel:

If you liked this remix, please check out my other Friday Night Funkin’ remixes. I made a playlist of my remixes here:

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Tempo: 230 – 166.666 BPM
Genre: Hardcore Chiptune

NOTE: You can use this song in any way you like as long as you link my channel. Please contact me on one of my social media accounts if you want an instrumental or vocals-only version of this song so I can give you an HQ file of it.

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  1. •l••l••• •l•••l•l •l••ll•• •l•l•••• says:

    I love your remix

  2. UltraJasperWorld[aka the autism kid[maybe]] says:

    Why are there steel drums

  3. i was searching dis for A MILLION M O N T H S. AND i finally found it )=(
    Or for a long eternity for space time

  4. farts so bad the air turns moist and the grounds shake, the air turns and twists and the minds of humanity crush into the disgusting smell of the air, the buildings collapse and the transubstantiation of the churches return back to heaven and God stops the power but it continues, it falls and shakes the universe and its former kingdom come

  5. I'll probably want a instrumental of this but I can't find it

  6. If you make a Walter white expurgation remix I will make multiple accounts and sub and like all your vids

  7. I haven't listened to your stuff in a while, but coming back to this felt amazing.

  8. from 1 to 10 ill give this a 100000000000000/10

  9. Okay given the fact I listened to this many times on loop, I would definitely appreciate an extended mix.

  10. man we really need this song's instrumental. its great

  11. even in his final form, tiky still screams of "cooooookiiiiiiiiii"

  12. Id love to hear the instrumental version of this


  14. Now Tiky is a computer virus too

    Interesting indeed


  16. damn it's so cool, i don't even know what to say, cool just cool

  17. You gotta do an instrumental version i need it in my life

  18. Its realy realy good and i like if you made it but with out the voice of tricky and boyfriend, good job bro! Youre god

  19. I have listened to this for like 30 times! ITS SOOOO GREAT DUDE keep up the great work

  20. Your remixes drives me to create more Multiverses

  21. Para mi este es el mejor remix de expurgation incluso mejor que RetroSpecter.

  22. Great job of making my song remix
    I'm vibing

  23. Awesome!!!@!!!!11!1 I justd scanct stop hearhing this hrsllslslpppp AWEZOMSE

  24. Deserves more that it has
    (hey ummm i sorta need to make this in psych engine sooooooo, uh inst plz)

  25. Whow that is the best your so good it so sick

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