Friday Night Funkin (Tricky Mod)| “Improbable-Outset” Lyrics -

Friday Night Funkin (Tricky Mod)| “Improbable-Outset” Lyrics

Elite Phoenix
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  1. this guy didn’t think he said COOKIE HAHA EEE COOKIE HAHA EEE

  2. The true lyrics:
    "omg no way is that the guy from madness combat"
    "can you stop yelling please tricky from madness combat"
    "cookie a a a a a cookie a a a a a"
    "cookie a a a a a cookie a a a a a"
    idk anymore man

  3. you creepy ass clown your just asking for it

  4. 1:07
    Tricky: cococokie AA e e EAT Cookie AA E e EaT
    Boyfriend:cookie! AA eat cookie aa

  5. Tricky: Stop it, get some help
    What he actually said: Get help

  6. c̴̠̻̙̓͌̀o̸̼͑̾͜o̵͍̼̼͒́̕k̸̟͖̞͋͋̚i̴͕͔̺͊̾͘e̵͔̫̓̓͜͝s̴̡̼͎͛̿̚ h̸̼̪͔́̈́a̸͉̺̻̓͌͆h̵̡̟͊̈́́ä̸͓̦́̔̀͜

  7. Tricky: says auueioisouae. Elite Phoenix: he says im gonna kill you😳

  8. Real lircys:cookie wrooooom neeeeer wroooooom

  9. Tricky sees a micro. tricky is this a gun 🔫 get mad

  10. "YOU can't leave
    Don't you dare escape"

    -Tricky 2021

  11. I wanted eekekekekssbskssehdhajwjsjdhsjeekejdhsusiaksj than acutal words

  12. 👀👀🚯🚯💯💯💯💯

  13. For the cookie meme part he should have said hank killed him when he only wanted a hotdog

  14. imagine making a dogshit cover, and then having people LIKE IT. Tricky does not speak human, and boyfriend just sounds so fucking cringe here.

  15. Just give tricky a cookie and he will shut up

  16. and that tricky say cookie part have to be tricky say cookie haha hehe cookie hahahehehe

  17. alrighty this was before the update, time for cringe

  18. the boyfriends lyrics say jetpack, jetpack, where is the jetpack


  19. Isaac’s gaming and technology channel says:

    When it was kill me he actually said cookie

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