Friday night funkin' Tricky mod is impossible (HARDER THAN WHITTY) -

Friday night funkin’ Tricky mod is impossible (HARDER THAN WHITTY)

Bijuu Mike
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Oh you thought Whitty was hard? Meet tricky… This is an amazing friday night funkin mod that introduces tricky the clown with cutscenes and a bad time

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  1. I can actually pass this IF:
    -I’m sitting comfortably
    -I’m not tired
    -My arm is extended at a good length
    -And I will never give up! ♥️

  2. Tricky really doesn’t need a mic to scream his notes

  3. Mobile stacking arrow trick:hehe boi I can beat anything

  4. When I just started funky Friday- when Whitty just came out- I used to think this and ballistic is the hardest song ever. Until things like Matt came out.

  5. Easy mode you still fail lol

  6. OMG how long is this the song name madness

  7. after seeing half of the phase 1 i knew he's not gonna do this

  8. The first song he sounds like a broken radio

  9. Well if you didint know tricky is from Madness combat and he is also a zombie where nobody have eyes

  10. remember when fnf songs used to sound good? nah me neither.

  11. Tricky is hard… but u know whats harder? herobrine

  12. Bijuu Mike: this clown is freaking creepy!!
    7 months later: plays the creepiest mods, like trololo, troll mod, DDTO, Sayori mod and others

  13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👽👽👽👽👽👅👅👅👅👅

  14. You. Did the week before lol it says your. Score ideit

  15. Remember when madness was the hardest song? Good times

  16. ANI JR. THE ANIMAL FISH (ROAD TO 200 subs says:

    Tricky has Rick in it so GET RICK ROLLED

  17. pro osu mania players who plsy the game too and funky friday players: eh. its alr. 👀

  18. Hey once I saw a video where every clown song was played they made it it IS possible

  19. He sounds more loud and angry when he takes of his mask

  20. Why did he pop up the ground like a freaking sell shaping zombie 😤💃

  21. In the first song,tricky sounds like he’s saying “cookie”

  22. Why is no one talking about that no one in the madness combat world has eyes then how the hell do they fight!?!?!

  23. Mike: *Chooses Hard*

    Me: HAHA! he gonna die!

  24. Fun fact if you use all 2 of your hands you get better than you are right now

  25. DOOMGUY But now he’s Samuel Hayden says:



    Girlfriend starts crying for a split second when tricky screams and says something like disgusting or anything he says

  26. Its not imposibel your just bad at the game:)

  27. Does anyone think madness sounds a bit like screenplay from the AGOTI mod?

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