Friday Night Funkin' - Tricky Mod Phase 3 Hellclown On Drums -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Tricky Mod Phase 3 Hellclown On Drums

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TRICKY IS BACK ONCE AGAIN!!! This time… He is playing for keeps. This time signature completely threw me off the first time I played it. This was the first time in a long time I had to research a song before doing a cover XD. I can’t wait to play this in the actual game!

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  1. As a former band student, it really excites me every turn I notice a time signature change. I always played 4/4, 3/4 and sometimes 5/4 and rarely 7/4 and it’s always made me happy (despite the fact I quit due to my braces at the time causing me major problems with saxophone playing).

    Ive also heard 13/4 and it’s interesting how it works but fun to listen

  2. Bro i swear he always puts a smile on my face and makes me so happy-
    sadly i'm sick today :,)

  3. Guys, I'm know russian language, and want to say next: when song starts, Tricky say "SOOOO-SIIIIII HUUUUUUY AAAAAA" and I think, it means "SUUUU*K DIIIIIII*K AAAAAAA"

  4. why does this video gives me sonic adventure vibes?

  5. The tricky mods have to be my favorite of all time

  6. the begenning looks like he's puking the emotes

  7. He was thinking about a normal time signature.. Same thing happenet to me

  8. I was bobbing my head to this the entire time

  9. What he does is harder than beating hellclown actually

  10. If you played fnf on drums this guy prob be the best

  11. Sounds like a sonic song with MADDNESS combat
    And also an end of a world scenario

  12. Seems like the 9/8 part still fricked you over lmao
    Yea trust me that part confused the heck outta me too.

  13. ur amazing dude
    how tf r u reacting so quickly and why does the drums on top of the song sound so fucking good

  14. Is it just me or would I love this to be background music lol

  15. OK, there is this and now someone made a Wario cover called hellgarlic

  16. You gotta love how Hellclown has such complicated time signatures that Jerod was completely thrown off at the start, before finally getting into the swing of things at around 0:36!

  17. These drums just amplify every song of this game!

  18. what is the time signature of this song


  19. my dumbarse thought (midway) he was hitting the notes with his drums

  20. boss music plays
    Me: why do I hear boss music

  21. The first four lines that trick that Hill clown does is actually works in the entire song is a word no that's her faces every no that Hill clown place is a word the first four is UC true health and the other is all like torture you're going to see hell s*** f**** like that

  22. I like how when the time signature changes he stopped to listen

  23. Te paso a bueno dale 🙂☺️ te bendiga 😚 amor 👌👌

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