Friday Night Funkin' TRICKY MOD REACTION -

Friday Night Funkin’ TRICKY MOD REACTION

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Here is my reaction to the Tricky mod. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for phase 3! Madness remix coming soon maybe???
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  1. Tricky literally has video game boss fight music

  2. Tricky is me when me and my sister are arguing about who gets more pizza rolls

  3. Try it on hard it’s impossible to complete 😵😵😵😵😵insanely hard WARNING!

  4. I think I subbed because of your sona….

    Not that I'm a simp or something…but I like it.


    I love how that was cool I'd his way of saying wtf

  6. I don't know why, but I love how trickiest voice sounds like terraria sounds

  7. Tricky is the only consistent antagonist of Madness Combat. Not like the Auditor. Or Jesus.

    Man out of context that sounds so strange

  8. this might be a hot take but of the mods I've seen so far I think this one has my favorite music

  9. Everybody there planning to make the fire tricky from all the madness series

  10. Chat:

  11. Hey! Where did you download this game with settings?

  12. Why does everyone like the slow part so much? My favorite part is the part right after it where tricky goes off on you. The slow part just seems like a buildup for the crazy part. It doesn't even sound that good in my opinion.

  13. thats why you dont make it fast
    hey why dont you record it on roblox funki friday

  14. Bruh you playing the new version
    The old version you'd die in 5 misses

  15. Tricky is one of the antagonists of the Madness Combat series.

  16. Madness: whatever game you’re playing it’s not gonna work you can’t beat me
    Me: i know, but he can
    VsTricky Easy Mode

  17. I would worry if a reality warping zombie clown challenged me to a rap battle

  18. Everyone love tricky mod but the madness music I love it too but why

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