Friday night funkin Tricky mod references PART 1 (READ THE PINNED COMMENT BEFORE COMMENTING) -

Friday night funkin Tricky mod references PART 1 (READ THE PINNED COMMENT BEFORE COMMENTING)

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Comments are disable because all what I get is the references I forgot and none of my other videos I put hard work into like the sonic exe in sonic dash get less then 100 views and it’s content I recorded I don’t want to be known for tricky only please check out my other cool videos



  2. the mod creator made him red cuz thats how he is in the madness combat games

  3. Stop commenting tricky red is from madness game next comment saying that I’m disabling the comments and this is your last straw

  4. Saw all characters in tricky menu
    Me: Wait there more!
    Release RED Imposter

  5. I Mean… The phase 3 in the mod is a reference to Madness Acelerant Tricky

  6. Everyone: *gets brutally murdered in front of tricky*

    Tricky: On no! anyways.

  7. "In hellclown he references trycky from Episode 7"
    so tricky on all the mod references every bit of frame he got to be in the series?

  8. Everyone: says he dose nto know where phase 3 tricky is form
    Me: he can t fit every thing in won part

  9. 1:55 Thats cuz his apperance is based of tricky's hellclown form in the game: madness: accelerant

  10. The red tricky came from one of their games

  11. The part where tricky about to transform into phase 3 is probably a refrence to madness accelerant

  12. 1:27 is a reference to honkers, a song in the madness accelerant OST, specifically the ending theme where tricky crawls away from hank as a zombie.

  13. in games tricky phase 3 is red cuz in games hes red(thats it)

  14. 1:55 him red is a referece to madness combat games like fnf is a game tricky is red

  15. Damn, this Youtuber is so Rude, I am Definently Making A vid on this…

  16. The red hellclown is from madness accelerant where he does the meow

  17. The reason why the phase 3 Tricky is red, is because it's actually based off of the version from the Madness Combat game Accelerant. It's a really good MC game, probably the best other than the brand new Project Nexus

  18. WARNING: SPOILERS FROM MADNESS ACCELERANT!! The creator of the mod made him red because of madness games, madness games can be found free on newgrounds like Project Nexus and Regent, the one im talking about is Madness Accelerant, in Madness Accelerant your main opponent is Tricky, In the start, you kill tricky but he returns as the HellClown, but instead of white he is RED, so the creators of the mod inspired in Madness Accelerant HellClown, got it?
    Edit: HellClown is red in Madness Regent too.

  19. Did you play Pepper monster if you do I will subscribe and like

  20. Anyone notice with tricky hands had different color in madness combat 4 and fnf tricky menu, it's okay if you don't understand

  21. Tricky phase 3 is from madness accelerate

  22. No offense to Joshwastaken but the red version of the phase 3 FnF Tricky comes from the Madness Accelerant game

  23. I think im the only thinking demon tricky design is from Madness Regent,
    Since everybody say it's madness accelerant

  24. 1:51 the mod creator made him red because phase 3 tricky is red in the madness video games. He's white in madness combat because fire in madness combat is white, not orange or red.

  25. [𝕁𝕌𝕊𝕋. 𝕆ℕ𝔼. 𝕐𝕆𝕌𝕋𝕌𝔹𝔼ℝ. 🙂] says:

    The comments aren’t even set off..

  26. Ирина спешит на помощь! says:

    Как сделать?

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