Friday Night Funkin - Tricky Mod V2 (Unused Game over Screen) -

Friday Night Funkin – Tricky Mod V2 (Unused Game over Screen)

Steven Parody
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Tricky uses the stop sign to cut Boyfriend’s jaw in half so the Bf can’t speak. Animation fails to play because a few frames are being skipped which apparently must be a compiling error on the developer behalf. this mod has a lot of issues when it comes to crashing or certain animations unable to play. needless to say they do the stop rushing their projects.

Hey guys, I want to let you know that I love the fact that your watching my videos and it makes me happy to make your days, My videos will be base off of big topics. I’ll talk about be stuff like crazy people, sick pedo, family problems and whatever.

I make parody songs for the fun of it and I hope most of you enjoy it while your at it lol.


Friday night funkin game over
tricky mod game over
game over Uncensored
fnf game over
tricky mod game over


  1. Wanna know why I think this mod is a kid's version of Madness Combat?

    n o b l o o d

  2. I before thinked it was a dick.

  3. me thinking It was a rock on boyfriend's feet,and that the bones were a dick:

  4. • 𝔪𝔬𝔬𝔫𝔵𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱_ • says:

    I think someone said this already but if you change the speed to 0.25x you'll see Boyfriend's neck getting cut open
    [edit: sorry if i spelled something wrong]

  5. Now here's a question.
    Why does tricky have a bone in sign

  6. I’ve never seen a mod mess with the game over screen so it’s unfortunate this was cut. It would’ve been great to see.

  7. This music is the sad version or the chicken dance

  8. Sh*t, listening this music was a mistake. Now it's in my nightmares.

  9. I thought that it just hit bf in the shoulder really hard

  10. I thought the sign just smacked his balls Makin him dying

  11. cool cat, very dark and scary and... cool says:

    he cut off boyfriend's head :0

  12. In your video and i know that thing is a stop sign now

  13. My favorite part about this game over animation is that the sign has bones as well

  14. for people who thought that was the boyfriends p#!,

  15. Man at least banbuds going to do a little remaster on tricky mod making it more gory just like madness combat, and I was expecting that since the demo

  16. -spanish

    Tricky usa la señal para cortar la mandíbula del novio Así que el novio no puede hablar


    Tricky uses the signal to cut oof the boyfriend jaw so boyfriend can't talk and sing

  17. You guys haven't played the tricky mod have you. T_T this is in the game.

  18. Fun fact:game over music is the chicken dance but very slowed

  19. Its not unused its just so glitchy that the mod made it go to fast

  20. Kinda looks like half of my neck just got sliced

  21. fun fact: the song sped up is actually a portion of the chicken song which references to MC 5 At the end

  22. Prácticamente no se elimino es porque el creador había dicho que hacer esa animacion le costaba un poco hacerla si es que me acuerdo que dijo eso y el tema de la señal de stop con huesos es porque los creadores pensaron que sería un poco curioso para la gente que probaron el mod si es que dijeron eso es que me olvido muy rápido xd

  23. tho the gameover screen was supposed to cut bf's head in half

  24. So I guess he wasent ded his mouth wa s jsut cut in half and his body and neck… we won’t knwo the truth

  25. Look CLOSELY at the microphone. Look close enough and you'll see sometimes it makes a slight shake after touching the ground and sometimes it doesn't.

  26. i love the music so much ahhhhh
    sad how the animation couldn't get used in the real mod

  27. So the censored is not a d***, it's just a stop sign just slice him?

  28. Slicing Bf's mouth is similar to Madness Combat series where Hank's mouth is also torn apart

  29. This wasn’t unused. The game glitched it and it only played a few frames of the animation.

  30. the creepy part about boyfriend is that
    if his jaw ever showed when you hit the notes-

    his mouth would be wide open. :/
    now just imagine it in your head.

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