Friday Night Funkin' Tricky Phase 0 & 0.5 FULL WEEK (FNF Mods/Hard) (Madness Combat) Mod Showcase -

Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Phase 0 & 0.5 FULL WEEK (FNF Mods/Hard) (Madness Combat) Mod Showcase

Sir Pablito
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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Tricky Phase 0 & 0.5 FULL WEEK Mod for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle against Phase Zero Tricky from Madness Combat with 4 new songs, and 2 secret freeplay songs. Hope you enjoy this mod showcase!

Hi, I’m Sir Pablito, I make Friday Night Funkin’ mod showcases.
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Tricky Phase 0 Full Week | FNF Mods:

Note: This is a fanmade mod, it’s not from the original Tricky Mod.

In this video, we rap battle against Tricky, but this time he is in phase 0 and phase 0.5, and has brand new sprites, new songs and background, and even some secret songs that you can find on the Free Play menu.


SansFont99 – Programming and Charting

Original Authors
BYOK – Most of the Assets
Yoshi Dam – Composer 1 – Calliope, Redeemer
Damonj17 – Composer 2 – Unlaugh
Lin_DoesThings – Composer 3 – The Last Party
Serkoid – Composer 4 – Masks
Burmy Burmington – Composer 5 – Tricky Can I Put My Balls In Yo Jaw

Special Thanks
ShadowMario – Making Pysch Engine

0:00 Mod Preview
0:07 VS Tricky Phase Zero Title/Menu Screen
0:32 Calliope Song (Tricky Phase 0 VS BF)
3:50 Redeemer Song (Tricky Phase 0 VS BF)
5:38 Unlaugh Song (Tricky Phase 0 VS BF)
7:31 The Last Party (Tricky Phase 0.5 VS BF)
9:54 Masks Freeplay Song – Tricky Sings Mask – Dream
12:57 Tricky Sings Balls In Your Jaw (Meme Song)
13:34 Outro Screen

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Minecraft Username: pablito902

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Thanks for watching!
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  1. The charting is so good for “The Last Party” song!!

  2. unlaughs intro sounds like thorns from week6 lmfao

  3. jebus y tricky eran amigos aun que no lo recuerdan en la serie canon creo que en este mod de fnf a tricky si le afecta la perdida de su amigo no como en lla serie canon que a el no le importa ese fue un gran detalle de este mod.

  4. Those low notes in song 2 phase 0 are amazing.

  5. dong pong bing bong pong dong bong bing says:

    when tricky is turning into zombie tricky he looks scared because he doesn’t know what’s happening to him

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