Friday night funkin' Tricky phase 3 is here and its insane -

Friday night funkin’ Tricky phase 3 is here and its insane

Bijuu Mike
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Friday night funkin Tricky version 2 is finally out we battle tricky phase 3 and its basically impossible

Tricky version 2 –


  1. GF cries when you're fast to see her cry

  2. bijuu mike suffering:NO IT'S HARD TO NOT PRESS THEM

    me:Ur sure? (yep,i did it ladies and gentlemen it was hard but i made it better than a pro youtuber yay i feel happy)

    Edit:On harrd on hard

  3. You I guess you can say he ain't clowning around you loses 1000 subs

  4. Didn't notice till recently, but sometimes when you miss in phase 2, Tricky disses you when you miss:

    "Waste" , "Failure" , "Predictable" , "Worthless" , "Disgusting" , "Despicable" to name some.

  5. Bijuu Mike I watched a mod about squidward so its called Tricky Squidward. So can you please play it? I want to see you play it I have been waiting my whole life for you to play the mod!

  6. Trickys teeth is clearly white! Do you guys think that Hank is his friend and Tricky lets Hank brush his teeth for him? I dont know ;-; (I KNOW THEY ARE ENEMYS maybe they learned to be friends? Okay I know what your think its a stupid thing to say)

  7. Me thinking he was gonna play accelerate

  8. Bejuu mike: take days to beat it
    me: beats it first try

  9. The guy in the back was Hank.He is also in a different mod.CLOWN KILLS YOU BF AND GF

  10. Bruh he teeth white who's his dentist and on phase one he says cookie 😆🤣😂😹

  11. Tricky: …..COOKIE!….

    Me: Tricky, can i have one?

  12. tricky setd wll yeo wll pltg it he sed cookie

  13. The thing is suppose to be tricky shing hitting you

  14. Tricky does seem like the kind of clown to engage in a rap battle with a child

  15. clown screams
    SimplyPiano:HeY eVeRyOnE I FoUnD aN aPp ItS cAlLeD sImPlY pIaNo

  16. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  17. I love this song it is so much better than the first one!

  18. is any one gonna talk about the fact that tricky phase3 has 4 fingers and he can give you a midlle finger

  19. is him and 8-bit ryan related? they have the same sound effects and other similar stuff

  20. anyone else hear tricky saying cookie just give tricky his cookies man

  21. bijuu mike its not your leg its trickys sighn from when he came out of the ground and hank is in the truck and is fighting tricky idk why but i think it has somthing to do with geting to the guy on the title screen

  22. How do you know in space for when you hit those red notes and black and both together you will easily die just hitting one of them

  23. the person that shot tricky is named hank who comes from the madness combat series by krinkles

  24. tricky is showing his middle finger
    editor: that fine ill include it

  25. Mike: calls tricky ugly face

    Tricky: Ur free trial of living has ended

  26. I ♥ ur vids ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Ladies and gentlemen, after days I finally beat tricky phase 3… Check out my latest upload or check the end of the video

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