Friday night funkin' Tricky phase 4 is unreal -

Friday night funkin’ Tricky phase 4 is unreal

Bijuu Mike
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After days trying to beat Tricky phase 3 i found out there is a phase 4… This may be Friday night funkin’s hardest mod ever

Get tricky full mod version 2 here –
Tricky phase 3 fan mod –

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  1. I only took 14 try’s on hellclown to beat it lmao

  2. Demon Tricky: Jokes on you 2x, I don’t have a middle finger and a nose

  3. This Clown Use to be a clown into a demon

  4. bijuu mike:why cant i see? me:tricky said why cant i kill lol and tricky is looking for hank who knows why, for proof (of ''tricky said why cant i kill'') go to 14:46 and pause and maybe unpause it while ur at 14:46 but make sure it says 14:46 (sorry if this makes no sense)

  5. I winder if he going to play the tricky mod phases 5 any time soon

  6. Yo madness combat my reminds me of playing it in school

  7. There’s a tricky phase 5 named Reality

  8. im still impresed when i see youtubers get all the notes on hard no less. How do you follow the notes so fast

  9. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  10. Hank : I can punch you in the face if you say my name is weird one more time

  11. Mike: Has he come back from the dead?!
    Tricky: been a zombie the entire mod

  12. Hell clown treky is not showing a midlle finger he only has four fingers he puts pu one finger to show that you have one chanes to save yourself

  13. I can read the notes or whatever and they say : where is hank,you are not hank,miget,this isn’t right,who are you,where am I, System and I frogot the rest of the sentence

  14. i dont know what youre talkin about
    but i did it first try

  15. We’re not talking about how the sign has bones

  16. It’s says:
    “System unresponsive”
    “Where is Hank”
    “Where am I”
    “Who are you”
    “You aren’t Hank”
    “Why can’t I kill?”
    “This isn’t right”

  17. Mike:happier at winning the song we aren’t watching for
    Also mike:takes longer to beat that one than the new one

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